DIY Organization Hacks to Keep Your House Clean!

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So you’ve finally completed your spring cleaning! What now? How do you make sure your clean space stays that way? Staying organized isn’t as hard as it seems and with these tips and consistency you can ensure your time invested in cleaning isn’t wasted! Organize Cleaning Supplies When it comes to cleaning, half the battle tends to be remembering where you stored all of your cleaning supplies the last time you cleaned! To make it easy, set up a tension rod under your sink to double storage and hang bottles easily. Organizing Mail or Stray Papers Tired of looking at all the paper clutter? This is a simple solution that will keep your tidy counters clean and chaos free. Use an old cereal box wrapped in decorative paper and hang it on the fridge. It's easy accessible and tucks away all those loose papers you don't want on your counter space. Easy Extra Storage Space If you are in a smaller space, sometimes it is much harder to find a space to store easy to lose supplies. The fix? Fill small jars with tacks, nails, buttons or whatever it is you need to store then attach the lid of each jar to the underside of a shelf. It's just that easy! Instant storage without wasting any shelf space. This works great in the washroom too for any bobby pins, hair ties etc. Magnets for Medicine Cabinets Medicine cabinets are known to usually be the place of storage for any medication, cream, tweezers, scissors and nail clipper. When you can't find somewhere to put your nail polish, make up or shaving kits they usually end up in there too. In our experience, clutter = chaos and things are no where to be found when you really need them! This fix is easy and ensures everything you need stays in plain sight. We hope these work for you and would love to hear your DIY tips on keeping your home organized!

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5 Cleaning Hacks to Make Spring Cleaning Easier

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Thorough Spring cleaning can often take hours on end to complete especially when you are looking for that sparkling finish. Lucky for you, we've found 5 cleaning hacks to make Spring cleaning easier for you. The best part - you don't need to buy any extra supplies because all of our hacks include regular household items that you already have! Cleaning your garbage disposal: okay so the garbage disposal does all the work but what about the awful smell left behind? The hack - chop a lemon into small pieces and place them into ice cube molds. Top them up with vinegar and freeze. Every few daYs you can throw a few cubes into the disposal and run until they dissolve. This will help with a super clean and lemony fresh smell instead of the odor. Cleaning your sink:we really have a love hate relationship with cleaning the sink. We love the finished product, clean and sparkly, but it takes some time to really get rid of the streaks and dirty on your kitchen sink. Use half of the lemon from the previous hack and add some baking soda to it! Citrus fruits and baking soda really make a great combination when it comes to cleaning. Once yu dip the lemon into the soda use it to scrub away and then rinse the sink thoroughly. Again we've got lemony fresh and sparkly! Cleaning your crown moulding: if you have decorative moulding in your house, theres a high chance it is collecting dust whether you can see ir ot not. The easiest solution, wrap a cleaning towel around your broom, secure it with a band and use it to wipe away dust from hard to reach spots. Cleaning your mirrors:if the bathroom mirror is looking mucky, shaving foam is an easy way to clean off the residue. Just spread across (a little goes a long way) and wipe with a clean cloth to get rid of any smears! Cleaning blinds:Using a duster can sometimes be counter productive, especially if you haven't cleaned in a while! For this hack all you need to get rid of that dust are old socks, kitchen tongs and some white vinegar. Slide the socks onto the tongs and use a rubber band to secure them. Then create a mix of water and vinegar, dip and clean! Did these hacks work for you? Let us know!! Stay tuned to our next blog to learn how to keep your house tidy after the cleaning with some organization hacks!

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Sweet Treats to End Your Easter Feast

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The holidays are a great time to celebrate life, love, happiness and joy with friends and family! They also make an exceptionally great time to celebrate the love for food! Most families like to end their feasts with some sweet treats. Check out these recipes that are both easy and delicious. We know they will be a definite crowd pleaser! Blackberry Lime Cream Puffs Ingredients: 6 oz. cream cheese, at room temperature 1/3 c. granulated sugar 1 tbsp. fresh lime zest, plus more for serving 1/2 tsp. pure vanilla extract Pinch kosher salt 2 1/2 c. fresh blackberries, divided 1 c. heavy cream 24 (2-inch) store-bought profiterole shells confectioners’ sugar, for garnish Directions Whisk cream cheese, sugar, lime zest, vanilla, salt, and 3/4 cup berries on medium speed with a mixer until creamy and berries are broken down, 1 minute. Increase speed to medium-high, add cream, and beat until whipped, about 1 minute. Transfer to a pastry bag fitted with a medium-sized pastry tip or zip-top bag. Chill 2 hours or up to 1 day. Snip a hole in the corner of the zip-top bag, if using. Split profiteroles and pipe blackberry filling on bottom halves, dividing evenly. Top with remaining 1 3/4 cups blackberries and lime zest. Sandwich with profiterole tops. Garnish with confectioners’ sugar. Serve immediately. Best No Bake Cheesecake Ingredients Cheesecake 25 vanilla wafers 3/4 c. roasted, salted almonds 4 tbsp. (1/2 stick) unsalted butter, melted 1/2 c. plus 2 tablespoons granulated sugar, divided 1 3/4 c. cold heavy cream 1 (0.25-oz.) envelope unflavored gelatin 1 1/2 c. plain Greek yogurt 1 (8-ounce) package cream cheese, at room temperature 2 tsp. pure vanilla extract 1/4 tsp. Kosher salt Raspberry Topping 2 tbsp. granulated sugar 1 tbsp. light rum 2 tsp. lime zest 2 c. fresh raspberries Blackberry Topping 2 tbsp. light brown sugar 2 tbsp. Chopped fresh mint 1 tbsp. bourbon 1/4 tsp. pure vanilla extract 2 c. lightly mashed fresh blackberries Blueberry Topping 2 tbsp. granulated sugar 2 tsp. lemon zest 1 tbsp. lemon juice 2 c. fresh blueberries Strawberry Topping 2 tbsp. granulated sugar 2 tbsp. chopped fresh basil 1 tsp. balsamic vinegar 2 c. sliced fresh strawberries Check out these recipes and more at Happy Easter!

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5 Must Haves for Spring Fashion Survival

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Spring has finally arrived! With the exciting departure of the cold, it’s finally time to say goodbye to winter and embrace the arrival of a new season with new fashion trends! Based on runway trends this year, we’ve compiled the 5 must haves to get you through spring fashion! 1. All things pink: this year girly girls can seriously rejoice! From bubblegum pink to neon, if you’ve got something in your wardrobe, chances are it is hot and you can embrace the hue! Check out these Edeille flats at Spring for $39.99 in Fuschia. 2. Graphic Tees: we think it’s safe to say most people have a few t-shirts tucked into the back of their closest with their favorite buzzword or slogan on it. If this is you, pull those babies out of your drawers because whether you pair your tee with boyfriend jeans or skirts it works for us. We found this cool vibes tee for $14.50 at Ardene! 3. Floral and Flirty: 2017 Spring is serving florals that are bold and bright. Whether it’s a dress or blouse print, it’s bringing us to life this season. We love this floral caged dressfrom Urban Planet. A great find for $42.99. 4.Statement Stripes: stripes are everywhere this spring! Easy to style and pair, almost everyone is offering this pattern. Whether it’s on top or bottom, it works! These wide leg trousers from Le Chateau for $99.95 are to die for. 5. Squared Shoulder Blazer:remember when padded shoulders were huge? Well they made a big come back and the square shoulders are Spring statement pieces that you can wear during the work week and on the weekends. Hit two birds with one stone with this striped blazer cape from Urban Planet on sale now for $40.00 The new Spring trends are fun,cute and they can be reworked into different outfits making sure you look on point all season long! Happy Spring!

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Fave Makeup and Beauty Tips & Tricks

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Makeup is always a great tool to help enhance your natural beauty. For some it’s about confidence and for others it’s artistic expression. We’ve pulled together some tips and tricks that can help you’re your beauty regiment a lot easier! Tip # 1: Face Products -what comes first? TIP # 2: How to correct a nasty blemish -start with moisturizer, then use concealer, foundation and powder. Tip # 3: Contour like a pro! Tip # 4: Plump Up Those Lips Tip # 5: Understanding powder and foundation Tip # 6: Eyeliner Styles Tip # 7: Winged Eye Liner -How to From cat eyes to metallic and smokey neutrals, which makeup trend will you be rocking at grad this year? Click the link for some additional beauty inspiration

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away women of all ages worked tirelessly on finding the newest, coolest fashionable hairstyles. These masterpieces included styles such as: crimping, flipping, feathering, mini buns and clips, lots and lots of clips. Here are our favorite throwbacks and a glimpse of what the 90s were made of: Butterfly Clips:the most sacred accessory of all. These butterfly clips made their way into all hairstyles. You could never go wrong with wings! Crimping:Although crimping isn’t easy, they were definitely worn in the 90s. If you didn’t have a crimper, you were going to bed with wet braided hair hoping to wake up to what could be a pretty chic hairstyle if done right. The DJ Tanner Bangs - These fluffy, perky bangs were a 90s hit and the bigger the bangs, the better the hair! Clips and Cornrows -One clip, two clips, three clips, four. That’s not enough, I need more! Although not everyone can rock this look, we are pretty positive most girls tried. The Rachel -The 90s wouldn’t be complete without Jennifer Aniston and her infamous do. This classic was iconic to the set of Friends and quickly became the coolest trend in households across the world! Stressing over how to do your hair for grad? No need to panic, we’ve found 30 stunning grad hairstyles you can actually DIY. Click the link for your beauty inspiration:

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Pick The Perfect Dress for Your Body Type

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Finding the perfect dress can often seem like quite the daunting task but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve compiled some basic guidelines that can help you say “yes” to your grad dress! The Hourglass: Curvy with a tiny waist – the goal here is to highlight your curves, not hide them. Since your bust and hips are proportionate to each other, accentuate your best asset! Look for a fitted, wrap, bodycon or waist defining dresses. The Apple: if you are shaped like an apple you most often have a slim lower body and carry your weight around your mid section. The goal here is to highlight your shoulders and your legs. Dresses to consider: embellishment focused on the top of the dress, empire waists and an A line which can help camouflage any middle if you have one! The Rectangle: if your hips are around the same size as your waist your body shape is a rectangle. The goal for you is to highlight the thinnest part of your waist to enhance your hips and bust. Dresses which work best for this are: fitted, have an empire waist and an asymmetric neckline or have a slit to help add some dimension. Cutout dresses are also great because the inward lines help make your waist look smaller in proportion to bust and hips. The Pear: if the widest part of your body is around your hips you are most likely a pear. Elongating and balancing your figure is important. Focus on accentuating your top half to create a balance to your hips. Dresses that are perfect for this are fitted open neck or a strapless with an A line. Use these tips on April 9th from 12 - 4 when we will be hosting our Gowntown Event!All dresses will be available for purchase for just $10 to students with a valid student ID. We have also called out to all Calgarians to donate their gently used or brand new dresses. You can donate your dresses upuntil April 8 at Customer Service and as an incentive contributors will receive a ballot to enter to win a $250 Marlborough Mall gift card. For more information​

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Holy(I) Henna!

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Henna art is beautiful and there is no denying that! But what is henna exactly? And where did it come from? Henna, also known as Mehndi or Mylanchi comes from a Henna plant also known as Lawsonia Inermis. The leaves of the plant are dehydrated and then crushed to form a powder. Water is then added to form a thick paste. Due to its natural properties, henna has been used for centuries by people of the dessert to help cool down their bodies. As stains faded away, patterns were left on skin surfaces which lead to making designs for decorative purposes. It was said that henna use dates back as far as Ancient Egypt and that Cleopatra used henna on her body as adornment. Henna is traditionally used when celebrating special occasions like holidays such as Holi and birthdays. Although it can be used on numerous occasions the most common time to use henna is during weddings. Brides to be get extensive henna patterns done on their hands and feet. The stain usually lasts between 1-3 weeks. Today people all over the world have adopted the ancient tradition. Henna art or now known as tattooing has been on the rise as a trend since the 90s. Especially after celebrities like Madonna, Gwen Stafani, Liv Tyler and even Beyonce have used it throughout their careers as a part of everyday fashion statements. Most recently, henna adornments are most commonly worn during music festivals and concerts. For ease of use, henna stickers were created so they can be applied as quick temporary tattoo. Another trend that debuted recently is UV henna tattoos –a glow in the dark temporary tattoo. These henna like patterns have also become more popular and are worn during EDM festivals and in nightclubs too. We love henna and if you haven’t had a chance to have it applied, it’s definitely an experience! Come visit our henna artist Shaz Dadani who will be on site for Holi between 1-3PM applying henna for a small donation of $2. All proceeds will be donated to WINS. For more information on our Holi celebration and other events taking place at Marlborough Mall, please visit

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Holi: the Festival of Color

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Holi, also known as the Festival of Colors, is a Hindu festival that marks the arrival of spring. Together, over two days, individuals come together to celebrate the end of winter, color, fertility, love as well as the triumph of good vs. evil. It also encourages a time to forgive and forget. This year Holi takes place on March 13, 2017. Although it was originally celebrated in India and Nepal, it has become increasingly popular and is recognized by people from all over the world. Holi celebrations begin the night before with the lighting of the Holika bonfire. Burning Holika, what Hindus believe to be the sister of the demon. This religious ceremony includes chanting Mantas to ward off evil spirits. The next day, the festival kicks into high gear and people celebrate by showering each other with bright colored powder and water. Color is smeared onto family and friends while people sing and dance to the beat of a dholak drum (a folk hand drum of Northern India). Everyone celebrating also enjoy Indian delicacies such as gujiya, a sweet dumpling made with semolina flour stuffed with a mixture of grated and roasted dry fruits, coconuts, nuts and dried evaporated milk solids. We bet you didn’t know Holi inspired the creation of Color Me Rad, a five KM run where participants douse each other with colored powder! On March 11th, 2017 Marlborough Mall will be celebrating Holi from 1-3PM. The celebration begins at 1 p.m. with an entertaining performance by Bollywood dancers from Soul Feet Dance Productions against a beautiful backdrop provided by SugarCoat Wedding and Event Décor. From there, guests will have the opportunity to partake in henna art designs. Marlborough Mall is also hosting a crafting station for children, so guests attending Holi are encouraged to bring their families. Marlborough Mall encourages Calgarians from all over the city to attend this unique and exciting cultural event to not only gain an understanding of the festival’s meaning and rituals, but also to bridge together community in celebrating our city’s incredible diversity. Gather your friends and family and make it a memorable and fun-filled weekend celebrating Holi at Marlborough Mall on Saturday, March 11 from 1-3 p.m. For more information, visit

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Throwback to Grad: An Evolution Through the Years

2017-02-23 00:00:00 -0700 +

With Gown Town and grad season coming into full effect, we wanted to take some time to tribute the evolution of gowns through the years. These serious throwbacks remind us that what’s considered trendy today has certainly changed over time. In the 1940s, poufy sleeves and long gowns took grads by storm. In the 1950s, sleeves were deflated and were a bit more form fitting. Gowns were shortened into tulle skirts. We recognize this as the tea length skirt. Women in the 60s loved their big hair and high waists. This dress style was known as the empire silhouette. The 70s fashion was all about fun and flowy fabrics. Maxi dresses were extremely popular, no matter what the sleeve style was! In the 80s, anything went as long as it was metallic! Having some slight sheen was a must! If you didn’t radiate you weren’t doing it right! The 90s seemed to be pretty reminiscent of the 80s. Grad dresses were a bit more showier and definitely a bit more shorter than the 80s. The early 2000s to 2010s showed a lot more minimalism and simplicity with dress choices. Preference went to spaghetti straps, strapless or halter tops . Fashion is ever changing and we are excited to share what trends are current for 2017! Stay tuned! If you have a #throwback from grad that you would like to share, we would love to see it! Enter to win our Grad Throwback contest for a chance to win a $25 GC to Marlborough Mall. To enter, post your photo on Instagram with the #mbmthrowback, tag @MarlboroughMall and don’t forget to follow us! Contest ends February 28th, 2017.

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Celebrate Love with Random Acts of Kindness

2017-02-16 00:00:00 -0700 +

Have you ever left the grocery store struggling with all of your bags to find a complete stranger willing to help you open your car door? What about waiting in the drive thru line to pay for your order but being surprised that the person before you treated you without you even knowing? Ever received an infection smile from someone just passing by? These seemingly small gestures aren’t small at all. In fact, they have the power to change outlooks, turn days around and really move people emotionally. It’s a great feeling to be treated with a nice gesture and everyone loves a random act of kindness. Another added plus-it’s really contagious! One single act can influence dozens more. This February, we are encouraging everyone to participate in Random Acts of Kindness week taking place Feb 12th to 18th as well as participate in Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17th. We are ready to be extra kind to family, friends and strangers! Not only does the practice of random acts make others feel good, it makes you feel good too. If you don’t know where to start, here are some great ways to pay it forward and brighten someone’s day: Say "Good morning" to a person standing next to you in the elevator Offer to pick up groceries for an elderly neighbor, especially in extreme weather. Give a homeless person your doggie bag. Help a mother carry her baby stroller up the subway stairs, or hold a door open for her. Bring your assistant coffee. Out of the blue, send flowers to a friend. When you're on a crowded train or bus, offer your seat to an elderly, disabled or pregnant person. Find opportunities to give compliments. It costs nothing, takes no time, and could make someone’s entire day. Don’t just think it. Say it. If you walk by a car with an expired parking meter, put a quarter in it. Smile at someone on the street, just because. Give someone a book you think they’d like. Play board games with senior citizens at a nursing home.Sixty percent of themwill never have a visitor during their stay. Each time you get a new piece of clothing, donate an old one. The last is our favorite specifically because we have called out to all Calgarians to clean out their closests and help local teens glow at grad. Graduating high school is a pivotal moment in a young person’s life, complete with the pressure of looking their absolute best in front of peers. In an effort to ease this stress and help all students glow at grad, Marlborough Mall announced a call for gently used or brand new occasion dress donations in support of their annual Gown Town event, which is a sale for local graduating students. All dresses will be available for purchase for just $10 cash to students with a valid student ID during Marlborough’s tenth annual Gown Town event on April 9, 2017. All proceeds will benefit WINS, (Women In Need Society): the local charity that provides basic needs to women and their families who live below the poverty line. If you don’t know where to start, this is a great option!!

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Valentine’s Day Gifts For her under $25

2017-02-09 00:00:00 -0700 +

Chocolate, jewelry, flowers, and dinner at her favorite restaurant –it’s all been done before. This Valentine’s Day, we’re thinking less is more! Saying I love you doesn’t need to come with a hefty price tag and your significant other will love and appreciate your gift so much more knowing that you put some thought into it. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of a few perfect gift ideas under $25 for her to help you with the daunting task. The Infuser Tea Mug + Stacking Heart Tins – we found these adorable heart tins and infuser mug at Teavana totaling $24.95. Perfect for anyone who loves loose leaf tea! If you want to splurge on the bundle, purchase some tea for an extra $4.50. UA Power in Pink Under Armor Socks – one pack of socks is $15.99 but right now it’s BOGO for socks at Foot Locker so get your girl 4 pairs for $23.99. Whether she has cold feet or is an athlete she will thank you! Faux Leather and Suede Snapback Caps– if your girl loves statement pieces, this is the pick for her. The colors are great and you can buy her two because they are only $12 at Urban Planet. Fantasy Britney Spears Intimate Edition –Shopper’s Drug Mart has a great sale on now, for $22.49 you can purchase this set of Perfume and Body Oil by Britney Spears. It’s perfect for your significant other, especially if she loves her scents! The Bling Flask – this great find is only $12.50 right now and at Things Remembered it’s buy one get one 50% off. Get it personalized for $1.00 per character! Journal, Pen and Lip Gloss – small things become great when done with love is truly the perfect statement for this gift. This writer’s combo works as a great reminder to the lady in your life that it’s the little things you do for her that matter most. Purchase them separately for $9, $8 and $5 at Coles or combined for $22.00. Cheeky Cherry Tomatoes and an order of Burgers and Fries – if your babe is a foodie at heart she will love this! Not only can she grow her own tomatoes, the fast food lip balm duo makes for an adorable gift for any food lover! These gems are also found at Coles separately for $5 and $12 or combined for $17.00. Whatever you choose, if you’ve put some thought into it we promise, this Valentine’s Day will be her most memorable yet!

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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him Under $25

2017-02-03 00:00:00 -0700 +

Valentine’s Day is an international holiday filled with gift giving and romantic gestures but let’s face it! It’s not always easy finding a gift for bae that qualifies as unique, thoughtful and affordable. Although the task of finding that exceptional gift seems difficult, it doesn’t have to be. To make it easy, we’ve put together a list of gift options under $25! For the sneaker head:Foot Locker has some great finds under $25. We’ve bundled Mint Sneaker Balls, Mint Instant Sneaker Cleaner and a pair of socks for $22. For the baseball fan: spring training is just around the corner and if your significant other is into baseball, this is a great gift. Lids carries a great selection of hats, these hats run from $18-24. For the traveler: Hydration is so important when travelling! We’ve found the Corkcicle Canteen at Things Remembered. For $20 you can give the gift of 25 hours cold and 12 hours hot! For the whiskey lover : Treat him to this perfectly designed glass set. Found at Coles, it includes a glass and a silicone ice mould that helps cool your favorite scotch, whiskey or liquor of choice to perfection. A great find for only $19.50. For the athlete : he loves his protein! We found these Pro Performance bars which come in two flavors, Chocolate Brownie and Chocolate Chip at GNC. One box includes 8 bars and costs $21. For the hipster : Vinyl records are making a serious comeback and if bae loves music this is the perfect gift. HMV has a selection of vinyl for $25! We found a few favorites. For the business man : you might find your man needs some Zen in his office because he’s so busy working! We’ve found a bamboo plant for $19 which is easy to care for and introduces some greenery into his space. We're positive he'lllove them and so will your wallet!

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Bridal Accessory Trends 2017

2017-01-27 00:00:00 -0700 +

Any bride-to-be knows there is no better feeling than saying yes to the dress! You’ve been dreaming about this moment for years and it’s finally here. Now that you have the dress, it’s time to complete your look! Accessorizing doesn’t always have to be expensive and we’ve compiled a few of our favorite trends that are budget friendly to give your bank account a break. The Choker– it’s official. The 90’s choker has returned and it’s back in a big way. Sticking to the classic? Try a lace or embellished choker. If you are looking for something more daring, velvet chokers make a bold contrast on a white dress. Wide chokers are best with gowns that are strapless or have plunging necklines. If your gown has lots of volume, try a simple, smaller choker to provide some balance. The Headband–another blast from the past for 2017! Headbands add beautiful detailing to your finished look and they work with your hair up or down! If you are aiming for chic and regal, try wearing your headband closer to your hairline. Sparkle and metallic bandsmake great additions for evening look and floral is best for a spring daytime ceremony. The Pair of Earrings– earrings are a must whether you are planning an up or down do. Earring climberswhich trace your outer ear are best showcased if you are leading towards keeping your locks up. If are keeping them down, try the classic chandelier. For a bolder statement, try the shoulder duster earring –the chandeliers big sister. The Perfect Shoes – A flawless finish from head to toe. Depending on your dress style, options for the perfect pair (heels or not) are endless! Some of our favorites include: the Nude - perfect for the elegant and classic bride, the Peek A Boo – works wonders on adding a vintage touch to your special day, Tasseled – for the fashionista who wants extravagance and luxury, the embellished – truly unique and one of a kind and the sparkle - the Cinderella.

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Bridal Boutique

2017-01-12 00:00:00 -0700 +

It is the time of year where brides are in full planning mode for their spring or summer wedding. Did you know that the average Canadian couple spends over $30,000 on their wedding, WOW! We are holding a Bridal Pop up shop on January 28th, in partnership with WINS (Women in Need Society). They have Brand New wedding dresses from $100 - $250 each!! With that in mind, we wanted to show you some of the hottest styles in wedding dresses for 2017. Feather details add a little romance to any wedding dress. The whimsical wisps of the feathers can make even a simple silhouette eye-catching. Whether you have a totally feathered skirt or just a few well-placed plumes you will look beautiful. Who would have thought that a high collar wedding dress would come back in style…but it has and it is gorgeous!! Look for collars with scalloped lace for a debonair feel or for a more modern look try a satin collar. Have you heard of a “Sheer streamer sleeve”? It is long tulle sleeves that split off into streamers and they look so romantic! Not only are they a statement piece but they add a whimsical movement to your gown. Big Bows!? These oversize bows are not just for the brides of the 80’s! This feminine touch adds a pop of flare to your gown and will make a dramatic exit with a large bow on your train, why not, it’s your day! Don’t forget to stop by the January 28th Bridal Pop Up shop and get your Brand New Wedding gown. All proceeds from the sale go to WINS.

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Winter Warmth with Style

2017-01-05 00:00:00 -0700 +

We live in Calgary, which means that winter feels like it lasts FOREVER. Keeping warm can be hard, especially if you want to get out and enjoy all the outdoor activities that Calgary has to offer. We’ve put together a list of our top 5 winter warmth favourites that you may love just as much as we do. 1- The perfect, chunky and warm, sweater. Nothing beats putting on the perfect sweater and this season you will find oversized chunky fitting sweaters in any colour you can think of. 2- Not only are the perfect pair of boots keeping your feet warm this winter but it also completes your outfit. This season you will find both knee and ankle boots that will keep you warm and looking super cute! 3- Winter coats are a necessity in Calgary and our favourite is the Puffer Jacket with faux fur trim on the hood. Not only is this coat warm, it isn’t going to make you look like a puffy snowman. 4- Scarves, Scarves, Scarves!! They are cozy, they accent your outfit AND they keep you warm. From bright to monotone, infinity to blanket scarf, the sky is the limit with choices. We love the Fringe Infinity scarf, it adds a little more to your outfit and of course the versatile pashmina is always one of our go to’s. 5- Have you tried lined leggings yet?? If not, this will make your cold winter warmer! These fleece lined leggings come in different colours, patterns and sizes and are affordable. We love to pair a fun and vibrant pattern with one of our favourite chunky sweaters. There you have it, just a few of our warm winter favourites to get you through the rest of the winter in style. What are some ways that you stay warm yet stylish throughout the winter? Do you browse through magazines, Pinterest pages, or maybe store windows for inspiration? We’d love to hear from you.

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Hello 2017

2016-12-29 00:00:00 -0700 +

2016 has been an up and down year for many Calgarians, and we are ready to say Good Bye and look at the possibilities that lie in 2017. What a better way to start the New Year than to set a few, realistic, goals that will get you motivated in 2017. For some there is the typical lose weight, or go to the gym, but why not think outside the box? This year you could set any goal, here are some that we have set for ourselves. Take a cooking class - beginners to experts, there is always something that can be learned. Checkout one, or 10, of Calgary's amazing walking trails throughout the city.( Spend the day with your family at one of Calgary's family friendly splash parks. ( Read a book that you would never have picked up before. Mount Royal University and the University of Calgary both offer continuing education courses. The courses range from Business to music. (Mount Royal University -, University of Calgary - These are just a few from our list, there are so many goals that you can set that can make 2017 exciting for you. Happy New Year!!

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Happy Holidays to you and your Family

2016-12-22 00:00:00 -0700 +

As we wrap up the last of our holiday shopping and put our feet up and relax, we'd like to wish you and your family the best this holiday season. This weekend take the time to visit with friends and family, enjoy time spent with loved ones and take a moment for you to releax. This is atter all, The most wonderful time of the year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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Gift Ideas for Kids

2016-12-16 00:00:00 -0700 +

Nine more sleeps till Santa Comes!! The kids are excited and ready for a visit from Santa and his reindeer. This is the shopping crunch time, where you are either frantically trying to figure out how you are gonig to finishi yoru shopping, your you are sitting back relaxing becasue you are all done. To help make your shopping smaller, we have put together a list of fun stocking stuffer and gift ideas for the kids in your life. HMV- Harry Potter 3D Train Puzzle Ardene - Deep Red High Top Canvas Sneakers Coles - Red Toy Car Spring - Fun Patches (Cherry, Watermelon, Happy Face) Ardene - Fun Patches (Banana, Heart, Hamburger) Coles - School Bus Urban Planet - Pencil Crayons Ardene - Purple Silicone Pencil Case Ardene - Fox Ear Muffs Coles - Tenzi Dice Game Coles - Colorful Keyboard Cover The Source - Instax Polka Dot Camera Case Hakim Optical - Red Glasses Ardene - Headbands The Body Shop - Lip Balm Set Ardene - Unicorn Key Chain Spring - Grey Knitted Mttens Spring - Grey Knitted Toque with Pom Pom Coles - Rainbow Heart Marker Coles - Dr. Seuss Books Shopper's Drug Mart - Anna Socks Ardene - Pink and Gold Heart Hair clips Ardene - Black and Pink Hair clips Urban Planet - Owl Coin Purse Urban Planet - Penguin Coin Purse Ardene - Fox Coin Purse Urban Planet - Pink Penguin Coin Purse Urban Planet - Penguin Mittens Spring - Red Lace-up Boots with Buckle Strap Ardene- Cat and Panda Watches Call it Spring - Panda Slippers The Source - Instax Baby Blue Camera Shopper's Drug Mart - Elsa Socks Coles - That's Not my Snowman & Thomas Books The Source - Bright Blue Bose Speakers Coles - Mini Hottie Hand warmer And when you are done shopping, relax and enjoy a little family time...Like they say "Time spent with family, is never time wasted!!".

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Gift Ideas for Him

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Holiday shopping can be pretty stressful, especially for those guys in your life who never quite know what they want. We have put together a list of gift ideas that will make your holiday shopping so much easier!! Coles - Sudoku Call it Spring - Grey Knit Toque with Black, Red and White Stripe Tip Top Tailors - Blue Daniel Hechter Tie The Source - White Sony Head Phones HMV – Crossley Record Player & Records Hakim Optical - Blue Rimmed Glasses Hakim Optical - Black Rimmed Glasses Shopper's Drug Mart - Hugo Boss Cologne HMV - Record Player For the full list click Here

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Gift Ideas for Her

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It is that time of year again where we look for the perfect gift for the ones we love. We have a list of items that we know she will LOVE! Our list of favourites include: White Sparkle Knit Head Band- Le Chateau Black Sequin Clutch - Ardene Green Conair Curling Wand - Shopper's Drug Mart Light Green Cross Body Clutch - Bentley Green Tea Fragrance – The Body Shop Dark Blue Joe Fresh Necklace - Shopper's Drug Mart Indigo Blue Cross Body - Bentley Tassle Key Chain - Ardene Navy Blue Suede Over the Knee Boots – Call it Spring Click here to find the full list of amazing gifts for her

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Black Friday Shopping Tips

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Black Friday shopping isn't for everyone but for those who get a thrill out of finding a deal, here are some tips to make Black Fridayshopping easy! Do your Research – Many of our retailers have their Black Friday specials advertised already on our website, which is being constantly updated. This way you are prepared and know where to go on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Make a List - This is a great way to start on your holiday shopping. With so many sales, it can be hard to remember what you need to buy and for whom. With a list no one gets missed. Start Early - Many retailer have already started their Black Friday sales and they will run over the weekend. By starting early, you won’t worry about missing a great deal, or an item you are looking for being sold out. Marlborough Mall opens at 9am on Black Friday, and some of our tenants are open even earlier. Comparison Shop - If there is something specific that you are looking for, find out what the regular price of the item is. This way, when you are looking around Marlborough Mall for that item, you know where to find the best price. Click here to see all the amazing Black Friday deals

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Tis The Season

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The Christmas countdown is on and we have some fun stuff lined up for you and your family to enjoy this holiday season. Santa is Coming to Town Starting on Saturday November 19, Santa will be visiting with all our shoppers young and young at heart. You can find Santa Land inside entrance #5 beside H & R Block. November 19 – December 4 Thursday – Saturday 12noon - 3pm & 4pm – 7pm Sunday 12noon – 4pm December 6 – 23 Monday – Saturday 12noon - 3pm & 4pm - 7pm Sunday 12noon – 4pm December 24 Christmas Eve 10am – 3pm Toy Angels Lift the spirits of a child in need when you donate a new, unwrapped toy. You can find the toy donation box by Tim Hortons. Take your holiday giving to new heights withTOY ANGELS– helping The Salvation Army making the season merry and bright for the kids! Kids FREE Fun Holiday Crafts We know parents LOVE getting homemade gifts from their kids for the holidays so, the Marlborough Mall Little Bugs Club has fun FREE holiday crafts at the Family Park from 1- 3pm on November 26, December 3, 10 &17. See you there! Check out all the great events at the shopping centre here.

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Winter Fashion Trends

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Now that it’s November, it’s going to start getting really chilly. However, you don’t have to put your fashion sense on hold just because it’s winter. We’ve come up with some of the most popular winter trends this year that will keep you stylish, even in the cold. You can find all of the below at Urban Planet and Ardene! Oversized Scarfs – These scarfs are so comfy and they look really stylish with any outfit. The best thing about a scarf is that you can dress it up or down. They come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Oversized scarfs keep you so warm while still looking super cute. Turtle Necks- These are definitely in style this winter. They look really nice paired with a long jacket. Whether you’re going to work or out for lunch with your friends, turtle necks can be appropriate for almost any occasion, plus they’re super warm! Beanies- This casual accessory has been making a big statement in fashion lately. Winter is the perfect time to try out this trend. There are so many options of beanies, just pick one that suits your personality. The easiest way to wear it is over your forehead and on a downward angle to the back of your head, covering your ears. This is also the best wat to keep you warm. Leg Warmers – These have made such a comeback in the fashion world and they’re a great accessory for winter. If it’s a chilly day but not too cold, you can wear these over tights with a cute pair of flats or heels and they add a really girly touch. Combat Boots - Make a chic sweatshirt look more dressed up by wearing it with skinny jeans and a pair of colorful combat boots. You can take a simple dress to the next level by wearing a cute pair of combat boots and an oversized scarf. Do you have any winter trends that you love wearing or would like to try? Let us know!

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Halloween Safety Tips

2016-10-27 00:00:00 -0600 +

We have put together some Halloween safety tips while you and your child are out trick or treating. It’s such a fun tradition to do on Halloween night, but it’s also very important to keep safety in mind. You can find face paint, flashlights and glow sticks at Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart! Children under the age of 12 should not be alone at night without adult supervision. If kids are mature enough to be out without supervision, they should stick to familiar areas that are well lit and trick-or-treat in groups. Decorate costumes and bags with reflective tape or stickers and, if possible, choose light colors. Choose face paint and makeup whenever possible instead of masks, which can obstruct a child’s vision. Have kids carry glow sticks or flashlights to help them see and be seen by drivers. When selecting a costume, make sure it is the right size to prevent trips and falls. Keep in mind that gum and hard candy can pose a choking risk for young children. Use the sidewalk whenever possible. If there's no sidewalk, walk on the side of the road facing traffic. Don’t visit houses that are not well lit. Never go inside a stranger's house. Ensure that toy weapons and similar accessories are made of soft or flexible material. Hard or rigid costume accessories can cause accidents. All candy should be inspected by an adult to make sure that no one has tamperedwith it. If it looks suspicious, the police should be contacted.

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2016 Halloween Costume Trends

2016-10-20 00:00:00 -0600 +

You can find some of the most trend worthy costumes this year at Walmart! Suicide Squad – Any character from this hit movie will be sure to impress. There are so many characters from this movie that you can impersonate. If you’re looking to go as a couple, Harley Quinn and The Joker are a really cool duo to go as. This couple costume is anticipated to be a huge hit this year. Pokémon – With the recent Pokémon Go craze, we should be seeing a lot of “real” Pokémon hit the streets this Halloween. Dress up as your favorite Pokémon character and if you get your friends to do the same, it will look like a cool Pokémon squad. Orange Is The New Black – This very popular Netflix original is sure to make for some inmates running around this year. If you get a group of girlfriends to dress in orange jumpsuits you’ll be good to go. You can even turn this into a couple costume by going as an inmate and guard. Emoji – Emoji’s are becoming even more popular with all the new IPhone updates happening. It would be fun to recreate your favorite emoji into a costume. You can easily paint your face as one or get a full body costume. Either way, this can turn out really cute or super funny, depending on which emoji you use ;) Do you already have your costume planned out for this year? We would love to hear all your creative ideas!

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Fun and Unique Pumpkin Carving Ideas

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One of the best ways to celebrate Halloween is pumpkin carving. Not only do you get to use your creativity and create a cool porch decoration, you get to make delicious pumpkin seeds! Whether we have some ideas to help you decide how you want to decorate your pumpkin. You can find pumpkins and pumpkin carving kits at Walmart! Carve a pretty pattern – You don’t always have to go with the traditional scary or silly face. If you feel like adding a festive touch to your front porch, try a design like polka dots. This is the easiest design because all you have to do is take a drill and drill holes all over the pumpkin. Once you put a candle in, the light shining through all the little holes looks really pretty. Etch your pumpkin – If you’re not entirely thrilled with having pumpkin guts all over the place, you can easily etch the outside of your pumpkin. This way you don’t have to worry about carving out the inside of your pumpkin and this makes the pumpkin last much longer. Cookie cutter pumpkin – This is a great way to involve children who aren’t quite ready to be using knives. After you’ve scooped all the guts out, just place the cookie cutter and use a rubber mallet and tap the cutter lightly. This is fun for children because they can choose whichever design they want and it’s easy (and safe) to achieve. Dry ice – Right before the trick or treaters come, you can add some dry ice and hot water to the inside of your pumpkin. This will create a spooky effect as the smoke pours out of whatever you have carved. Doing this should make your whole porch look like an eerie grave yard full of fog. Use stencils – This is another great way to decorate your pumpkin without getting too messy. Just place whatever stencil you like on your pumpkin and color in with paint. Depending on how big the stencil is, spray paint would work really well too. How are you planning on carving / decorating your pumpkin this year? Do you have any fun ideas you’d like to share with us? Don't forget we're having a Halloween Party for all of our Little Bugs Club memebers! Your little one can use their creativity and decorate a pumpkin just how they'd like!

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Pumpkin Sprice Protein Pancake Recipe

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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we assume you have dinner all planned out; but what about Thanksgiving morning? You can’t forget the most important part of the day, and why not make it festive? We’ve found this amazing pancake recipe with a touch of the most popular flavor for fall. All of the the ingredients in this recipes can be found at Walmart at the South end of the mall! PUMPKIN SPICE PROTEIN PANCAKES DIRECTIONS: In a blender, blend all ingredients together until smooth. Scrape down sides as needed. (Note: mixture should be pretty thick. Also, you may need to mix ingredients in two batches depending on your blender.) In a large skillet, melt butter over medium heat. Spoon tablespoon-sized dollops of pumpkin batter onto skillet. Cook 3 minutes per side or until pancakes are browned and set. Serve warm with syrup. PREP TIME:10 minutes COOK TIME:10 minutes TOTAL TIME:20 minutes SERVES:2 generously YOU'LL NEED: 2 scoops protein powder (chocolate or vanilla) 1 cup pumpkin canned pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie filling) 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon baking powder 4 egg whites 1 cup oats 2 tablespoons milk 1 tablespoon honey (or 3-4 teaspoons of sweetener of your choice) 1 tablespoon butter Maple syrup (for serving) If you try this recipe be sure to let us know. Not only is it delicious, but it’s healthy too! The added protein will give you enough energy to get through all day until the Thanksgiving festivities. Do you have any yummy go to Thanksgiving recipes? We’d love to hear!

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Tips to Switch Over Your Wardrobe and Home for Fall

2016-09-29 00:00:00 -0600 +

We want to share some ideas with you on how to transition your wardrobe and home into the fall season. It’s such a beautiful season and we want to help you feel more fall festive! Your Wardrobe Donate: Just like you do a spring cleaning, do a fall cleaning. Donate everything you no longer need or want. This will make space for some fresh new fall inspired things. Layer: Fall is the perfect time to layer your favorite outfits. Not only does layering make you warm, it also looks super cute and is very comfy. Add Leggings or Tights: Adding these to your outfit can be a fun way to play with pattern, color, and texture for the fall. They keep you warm and look really cute with boots. Scarfs: These add a fun pop of color to any outfit. Plus you can use them to dress you up or down, they’re very versatile and always keep you warm. Your Home Get Festive: As the season changes, so does the décor in your home. Think about using more warm colors to decorate. You can make your home more fall friendly simply by changing out the pillows on your couches to more fall themed colors and patterns. Use Candles: Candle light always makes the room more cozy and inviting. By using more candles, you’ll make your space warmer and more fall friendly. Be Cozy: It’s starting to get colder so you can bring out all the soft throw blankets again and change your bedding to more cozier fabrics and warmer colors. Add Scents: Scents always bring you back to a certain time in your life. Changing up the scents around your home can really make you feel the season. You can add scents with wreaths, candles, and diffusers. Some of the best fall scents include, cinnamon, spiced orange, pumpkin pie, and warm apple cider…Mmm What are some of your favorite ways to switch over to the fall season? Let us know in the comments below!

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Heath & Fitness Tips For Busy People

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When life gets busy it can get extra hard to keep up with your health and fitness. We’ve come up with some ideas to help keep you on track without taking up too much of your time. Faster, more high impact workouts – You don’t always have to be at the gym for an hour. You can get your sweat on faster by decreasing the reps and upping the weights. Another way to cut down on time at the gym is to get your cardio in before you even get there by running to the gym if it’s close enough. Learn some quick recipes - Slaving over a hot stove is no fun, especially when you’ve had a long day and arrive home late into the night. To make sure that on these days you don’t reach for unhealthy convenience foods learn some super quick recipes you can cook up quick. Freezing healthy food ahead of time is always a great option for when you don’t have time to cook. Work out at home – It’s easier than you think and you don’t need to purchase any equipment to get a good work out in. If you hop on YouTube, there are a ton of at home work outs and a lot of them can be done quickly. You’d be surprised at how fast you can sweat after just five minutes of some of these workouts! Take the stairs – If your day is jam packed and you just can’t make time for a workout, take the stairs everywhere you go. Not only is this a good workout for your legs, it’s also an awesome way to get some cardio in for the day. Set manageable health and fitness goals – By doing this you’ll save yourself from getting discouraged. It takes time to get to where you want to be and there’s nothing wrong with that. Small improvements every day, whether it’s eating a healthier lunch or taking a walk after work, can really get your going in the right direction and will eventually turn into a healthy habit. Just because you’re busy, don’t let your health suffer. It’s the most priceless thing in the world. Are there any tips you would like to share with us that help keep you healthy even on your busiest days?

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Fall 2016 Trends

2016-09-15 00:00:00 -0600 +

Fall is probably the most fashionable season of them all. It holds so much potential with both its cool and warm days. Here are some of the fall trends we found for this year. Boots: This is the perfect season to rock those suede ankle boots that are a little too warm for summer time and not practical for winter. They look cute with any outfit and you can find them in a ton of colors. Infinity Scarfs: These are super fun way to accessorize any outfit. Not only do they add an extra layer of warmth on those chilly fall mornings, but they look really cute! Oversized Knit Sweaters: These go well with all of the above and leggings. If you add a chunky statement necklace you can dress up these sweaters with little effort. Chokers: Right now this trend is blowing up. There are so many different styles you can wear with different outfits. You can’t go wrong with a thin black velvet choker and a nice blouse. Leather Leggings: These are a good way to dress up a causal outfit. They look nice with a longer long sleeve shirt; we’ve been seeing a lot of olive and burgundy tones this fall. These are just some popular fall trends. Can you think of other ones you’ve seen and would like to wear this season?

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DIY Dream Board

2016-09-01 00:00:00 -0600 +

We’re transitioning into a new season and it’s the perfect time to make a change! Dream boards are an excellent way to put positive goals and plans onto paper. The point of creating a dream board is to get excited about the future. You’ll glance at your board every day and by doing so you’ll be able to keep in mind where you want to be and what you want to do! What you’ll need: Poster board. You can really use any type of board but with a poster board you can use fun tacks and move things around easier if need be. A big stack of magazines. When picking your magazines you want to choose ones that really stand out to you. If you want to get into yoga you can pick a yoga and fitness magazine. There’s pretty much magazines for everything these days so it’s the perfect chance to get creative! Pick magazines that mix what goals you want to achieve. Glue or tacks. We recommend tacks so you can add and subtract easily without a mess. Post – it notes. These are a fun way to brighten up the board and add a personal touch. Markers or pens to write your own personal notes to yourself. What to do: Sit with yourself and figure out what you want to put on your dream board. It’s helpful to write down all of your ideas first. The best part about a dream board is that no dream or goal is too big or too small. It’s fun to dream big with these boards. It gives you the confidence to work hard to achieve your goals when you see them on a tangible board. Once you have thought out your intent, you can now start on the board. You can lay out your board however you want. Whichever way looks nice to you, do that. Everyone’s individual boards are going to look uniquely different, that’s the best part! After you’ve put all your dreams and goals on to your board, it’s time to hang it up. Make sure it’s in a place that you’ll look every day. After a while, you’ll be surprised to see things in your life transpiring just like how you have on your dream board! What are some of your biggest dreams and goals? We would love to hear and maybe get some inspiration for our own boards!

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10 Things To Do Before Summer Ends

2016-08-25 00:00:00 -0600 +

Here are 10 summer activity ideas that you can do to make the most out of the last days of summer! Have a picnic – This is an easy way to enjoy the outdoors in a fun way. Just get a cooler and some of your favorite snack foods and enjoy! Plan a BBQ – Get all of your friends together and celebrate the summer. If everyone brings a dish, this can be an inexpensive way to indulge in lots of yummy food. Have a backyard camp fire – This idea is simple yet really fun. You can have dinner and dessert all on the fire while sharing stories of your summer with friends. Read a good book in the park – Being in a park on a nice day is so relaxing. Add your favorite book and some alone time and you’ll be more relaxed than ever. Go on a hike – We’re lucky that we live so close to mountains. There are a ton of different hikes you can do and they all will leave you with beautiful memories. Go camping – Getting away for the weekend with family and friends is a great way to end your summer. It’s nice to get away from the city even for a weekend. Play mini golf – This is always a fun summer activity. This is the best way to have some playful competition between your friends. Go on a road trip – Even just a day get a way to Banff is a fun summer activity. There are so many pretty lakes around to drive to. Or even just driving through the back roads of Calgary you’ll see some amazing land and animals. Get some ice cream – Or make your own with the family! There are a ton of YouTube tutorials on how to do this. It’s a yummy way to cool down on the last hot days of summer. Go stargazing – While we still have clear summer skies, get out of the city limits and look up. This is nice to do while it’s still warm out because you can get out of your car and admire the sky with a significant other. How romantic! We hope you had a blast this summer and made memoires to last a lifetime! What was your favorite activity that you did this summer?

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Go Back to School in Style

2016-08-18 00:00:00 -0600 +

That time again is coming up quick. Make sure you’re ready to rock this year’s fashion trends! Hair – Something low maintenance but still cute. We suggest the medium length blunt bob. Not too short but something that’s easy to manage on those Monday mornings when you really don’t want to spend an hour doing your hair. With medium length hair you can still put it up if you’re in a serious study sesh. We’re seeing a ton of fun hair colors right now. Why not try something different to kick off the school year!? Face – With all that late night cramming you’re going to need to take care of your face before even thinking about makeup. Face masks seem to be an up in coming trend and they’re the perfect way to keep your face hydrated. Not to mention they’re fun to have at a study sleep over with your girlfriends! Make up – It’s fun to experiment with different make up looks. However, we think you should keep the experimenting for the weekend and stick to a more simple look for school. You don’t want to waste your time in the morning doing something elaborate and then end up not liking it and having to start over when you have ten minutes before the bus comes. A little bit of mascara goes a long way, and we can’t forget about those brows! When it comes to make up, less really is more. Clothes – High waisted jeans and oversized sweaters definitely seem to be a common theme going into fall right now. As well as causal athletic gear. A nice fresh new pair of runners can complement any back to school outfit. For more of a preppy look, try to match a comfy dress with a fitted denim jacket. We hope these points help you if you’re stuck on how to make your back to school come back. Just remember a smile and a positive attitude is the best accessories!

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Back To School Tips

2016-08-11 00:00:00 -0600 +

Are you gettingnervous to go back to school in a few weeks? Don't worry! We've come up with some tips to help make things easier for you. Stay Positive! - Don't just start with a positive attitude, keep that attitude throughout the year. A positive mind is the best way to succeed. Also, you'll be more efficient and the year will seem to fly by. Positivity will also help with getting all your work done on time. Stay Organized - This is one of the most useful tips we can suggest.School can be frustrating when you're getting a lot of work and papers, so the easiest way not to get stressed is by keeping everything organized. Make sure to have a separate binder for each class to keep things from getting all mixed together. Eat Breakfast and Lunch - Always start your school days off with a healthy breakfast to get you through the day until lunch. If you are not a big breakfast eater, then consider eating a protein bar or smoothie to stave off hunger. If you tend to eat later in the morning, you may want to carry a small snack to munch on between classes before lunch. Create a Homework Area - Assign a place at home that is your designated homework area. This area should be off-limits to anyone besides you during your designated homework time. Choose an area that is free of distractions, such as a desk in your room or dining room table, so you can concentrate on school work. Reward Yourself - Positive reinforcement can really make you feel amazing. No matter how big or small your task is, at the end of the day you should reward yourself. By giving yourself small rewards it will make you more motivated to complete future tasks. We hope these tips help make going back to school a little bit easier! We're also running a back to school contest you don’t want to miss. Click here for the details!

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Men's Summer Hairstyles

2016-08-04 00:00:00 -0600 +

Guys, we haven’t forgotten about you! We’ve got the hottest summer 2016 hairstyles for any fashion forward man. Faded on the bottom with volume on top – We’ve come across this one a lot and it can defiantly be versatile depending on how you style it. This is a great summer look because the weather won’t ruin your voluminous brushed back hair. The messier, the better for this laid back look! Swept to the side - Keep it clean and classy with a modern side sweep! You can’t go wrong with this hairstyle, keep the top at least 4 inches and have the sides and back buzzed. Also, make sure that you style this cut in the natural direction that your hair falls. Faded buzz – If you’re a busy man with not much time to spend on your hair, this one’s for you. This is a great look and very convenient when the weather gets scorching hot. It’s also very low maintenance but still looks clean. If you feel like you want to “man it up” a bit, this hairstyle looks great with stubble or a beard. The classic undercut - For something a little more conservative, go for a classic cut which still maintains trimmed sides, but leaves the top not too long. Styling the classic undercut is simple, and a bit of hair product will keep it clean and polished. Top knot cut - The men’s top knot is still as popular as it has been for the past couple of years. A top knot is a great option for hair in that awkward transitioning length, bringing an edgy, but under-control look to your longer hair. Not to mention it looks extremely modern and stylish. Just bring these hairstyles to any barber and you’ll be looking fresh all summer long! What hairstyle have you guys been rocking this summer?

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Summer Nail Trends

2016-07-28 00:00:00 -0600 +

Need a little sassy summer nail inspiration? We've done all of your research for you on what's hot right now on and off the runway! Matte Marble Lately it seems like everyone is obsessing over white marble everything. So it's no surprise that this fad is ending up on all the fashion bloggers nails these days. The look is very clean and classy with ahint of sophistication. There area ton of tutorials on YouTube right now on how to achieve this beautiful nail trend. Mirror Metallics give such great dimension to nails when applied with a glossy top coat. This look is perfect for hitting up a summer festival. You can find many different mirrored colors on the shelves. It’s a fun idea to mix and match the colors for a disco ball effect. Bold Neon Neon in any color looks amazing, especially as a pedicure. If you’re going on a tropical vacation this summer its fun to paint your nails somethingbold and bright. If you’re having a girls weekend, paint each other’s nails usingcrazy and fun colors. Pretty Nudes Nudes are perfect for a lighter neutral in the summertime when you’re looking for an option other than white. These are the perfect nails to wear to a wedding or a weekend brunch. The best thing is that you can pair a nude set of nails with anything to make you look extra cute and girly. Can you think of any other nail polish trends you’ve seen out there this summer? We’d love to hear what your favorite mani looks like!

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Summer Gardening 101

2016-07-20 18:00:00 -0600 +

Gardening in the summer can be a great and rewarding hobby to get into. These gardening tips will help your beautiful garden survive during the summer months. Fertilize Helping your plants thrive is often a case of proper planning, placement and soil fertility. A strong plant can better withstand the stress of high heat and dry weather. You can use organic compost or even a good liquid fertilizer to give the plant proper nutrients if it doesn’t get too much sun. Perennials Perennials are the plants that keep on giving. A perennial can live for over two years so you won’t have to keep replanting your garden every year. They have a hardy root system and need less water than other plants so they’re less high maintenance. Be Cool Do the most intensive gardening work when it’s cool out (before 10am or after 4pm). Weeding isn’t the most fun gardening task, so you might as well stay cool while you do it. It’s best to water your plants while the sun is gone. This is so that the sun doesn’t burn your freshly watered flowers. Mulch Mulch helps to enrich the soil you’re using. Using mulch in your flower beds or pots keeps the moisture from evaporating, allowing more infrequent watering. It also moderates the temperature of the soil so it doesn’t get baking hot in the summer sun. We hope these summer gardening tips helped! What are your favorite plants and flowers to have in your garden?

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Get Ready - Stampede Style

2016-07-13 18:00:00 -0600 +

Stampede is in full swing and we’re here to help make you the most stylish cowboy / cowgirl at the rodeo! Tops Cowgirls - Plaid seems to be the most favored option between cowboys and cowgirls. You can put a button up plaid shirt over a neutral colored tank top, or throw one on over a summer dress. Plaid shirts look great unbuttoned with rolled up sleeves or even tied around the waste for a more casual look. Right now Ardene has some great deals on plaid shirts! Lace tops are also a cute way to Stampede it up without going full cowgirl. A pretty lace top with a jean jacket adds the perfect western touch. We found lots of cute lace tops at Urban Planet. Cowboys – Again, you can never go wrong with a nice plaid button up. Keep it tucked in while you’re at work and untuck it when you’re ready to hit the grounds. Men have also been spotted wearing denim button ups or even just western themed T-shirts. Walmart has a wide selection on mens Stampede wear right now. Bottoms Cowgirls- It comes as no surprise that denim jeans continue to be a top trend in Stampede fashion. Pretty much anything denim goes. A nice pair of jeans, shorts or even a denim skirt is perfect for Stampede. If you’re looking for more of a trendy western style you can go with leather leggings. A cute pair of short overalls is definitely making a comeback if you feel like being a nostalgic cowgirl! Cowboys – A nice pair or denim jeans with a big ole’ belt buckle! Accessories Cowgirls / Cowboys – Cowboy hats and boots are of course staple Stampede wear. Spring has really cute Stampede boots right now!A bandana properly placed can bring a nice western touch to any outfit. Silver jewelry and chunky leather bracelets work really well with cowgirl outfits. Also a brown purse with fringe seems to be favored among cowgirls. Cowboys have been seen wearing black or brown leather belts with statement buckles. What does your favorite Stampede outfit look like!?

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Stampede Breakfast

2016-07-06 18:00:00 -0600 +

Happy Stampedin’! We’re rounding up for our annual Stampede Breakfast. Make sure to bring your whole family and enjoy a FREE pancake breakfast, live music and pony rides for the kids! When: This Saturday July 6th 2016 from 9am – 11am Where: Marlborough Mall just outside of Entrance 2 in the parking lot We have a couple of other things going on this Stampede: Gift with purchase promotion From July 9th - July 16th Get 10% back in Marlborough Mall gift cards & get 1 FREE admission to the Calgary Stampede when you purchase $150 or more. While quantities last. See Customer Service for details. Stampede Contest Come to the mall from July 9th – July 16th, find the wanted sign, then upload it to social media with the hashtag #MBMWins and you could win a $100 Marlborough Mall gift card. Must be 18+ to enter. We would like to wish everyone a fun and safe Stampede and we can’t wait to see y’all at the breakfast to kick things off!

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Happy Canada Day!

2016-06-29 18:00:00 -0600 + MarlboroughMall

Canada’s birthday is tomorrow and to celebrate, we’re giving away $25 gift cards DAILY, plus a grand $150 gift card prize! Click here to Enter on Facebook for your chance to win, you have until July 1st. ;) So how much do you really know about the Great White North? Answer the questions in our quiz below and put your knowledge to the test! No cheating! :P In what year did Canada gain Independence? What is the name of Canada’s first Prime Minister? What are the two official languages of Canada? Whose face is on the Canadian $100 bill? How many provinces are in Canada? Name them. Which province is the only officially bilingual province? What is Canada’s national winter sport? What product gave the Hudson’s Bay Company its start? ANSWERS: 1. 1867 2. John Alexander Macdonald 3. French and English 4. Robert L. Borden 5. Ten. Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Saskatchewan 6. New Brunswick 7. Hockey 8. Fur Well, How did you do?

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Trending Hairstyles For Summer

2016-06-20 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Goodbye head warmers, hello hair! It’s officially summer and we’re jumping into the top hair trends for the season. Warning: fabulous tresses may result. ;) The Choppy Bob Gone are the days of the smooth, perfectly symmetrical bob. In this 21st century version of a 1920’s classic, effortless chic is possible. Experiment with different lengths, layers and highlights! Big Bouncy Curls Bigger is always better. :)Curls are a great way to add volume, plus they’re the epitome of sexy hair! From soft waves to tight fro-like ringlets and everything in between, this look is great for a night out or to add some extra oomph to your look. Plaits Plaits are definitely back this summer. Try loose and messy braids for a more casual day vibe or tighten them up in an up-do for a more sophisticated look. Crown plaits, double plaits, four-strand plaits - there are so many different ways to try! Pastel Hues Looks like pastels are trending in more ways than one! For the brave among us, try a hair colour ranging anywhere from lilac to pink, green or blue to add some real character to your ‘do. And that’s it folks! Is there a trend you think we missed? Let us know what styles you’re rocking in the comments below!

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Gift Ideas For Father's Day

2016-06-13 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Is your dad crazy for tech? Is he an outdoorsman? Or is he more of the low maintenance, no-fuss type?Sure, he would probably be just fine with a ‘dad of the year’ mug, but we think he deserves better this year! Here are some our our top picks below. :) Grooming Products Want to play it safe? A complete grooming kit (including a razor, shaving cream, after-shave and some extra blade cartridges) is a sure winner for even the grizzliest of dads. Throw in a good bottle of cologne and you’re all set! The Ultimate Watch Watches are a man’s best friend, plus they’re part of our top summer accessory trends for men. Help dad make a statement with something flashy, or take the tech angle with a smart watch. Which leads us to our next pick… Fitbit Tech dad meets fitness freak with this handy device. Track sleeping patterns, exercise, weight loss and more! You might just want to get one for yourself too. ;) Clothing If dad is the male fashionista of the family, get him a nice shirt or 2 that you know he’ll love. If clothing is too risky, try a neck tie or a pair of shoes. It might help to take mom with you on this one to help you decide. :) PS. Don't foget to enter our Father's Day giveaway on Facebook! What are you planning for the big man this year?

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Summer Lookbook: Men's Accessories

2016-06-07 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

We’re counting down the days to summer (just under 2 weeks left!) and while we’re at it, the crème de la crème of this season’s must-have accessories for the guys! 1. Reflective Sunnies Whether it’s pink, yellow blue or green – you can’t ignore just how much this trend has taken the streets by storm! Reflective sunglasses are the top of everyone’s summer accessory list, and it’s a look anyone can rock (this one’s for the girls too!). 2. Messenger Bags Messenger bags are a tried and tested classic – you can opt for a more casual style or use it to dress up an outfit, plus there’s tons of space to pack up everything you need when you’re on the go! 3. The Perfect Watch A nice watch is to a man what a statement necklace is to a woman, it gets you noticed. No more long sleeved shirts necessary folks, show off that flashy watch in all its glory! 4. Slip-Ons Slip-ons hit the ultimate shoe trifecta: they’re sleek, simple, and comfortable to wear. Certainly the summer shoe staple this year. What trends are you rocking this summer?

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Healthy Recipes For Summer!

2016-05-31 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Summer is creeping in on us and all the hard work we put in for the perfect summer body is finally going to pay off! Yes! But there’s a hitch. Good weather means going outside and going outside means there’s the temptation to splurge on street food, fast food and festival food as we’re engaging in outdoor summer activities. Don’t want to kiss those summer abs goodbye? Here are some quick and healthy options for you to enjoy! They are ten times healthier and just as delicious, we promise. ;) Appetizer: Melon Salad with Savoury Granola The beauty of this salad? It’s sweet AND savoury, and practically looks like summer. Even better, pack this up as a quick lunch just on its own and you’re out the door. Calories saved and cravings satisfied. Score! Get the recipe HERE. Main Dish: Chicken & Mushrooms in Garlic White Wine Sauce Let’s be honest, can you really go wrong with chicken and mushrooms? Easy to make, comforting to eat and 100% guilt-free, this recipe is definitely a win-win! Get the recipe HERE. Dessert: Gluten-Free Cherry Tart with Almond Streusel Topping This dessert is a fabulous gluten-free option, so you can indulge without over-indulging! Get the recipe HERE. And there you have it, eat your heart out! :) What are some of your favourite summer-inspired recipes?

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Bridal Pop-Up-Shop Grand Opening!

2016-05-24 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Only 4 short days until the grand opening of our bridal dress pop-up-shop! This Saturday, May 28th from 10am to 7pm, over 100 brand new wedding dresses will be available for purchase at the store which is anticipated to open beside Chatters North right here at Marlborough Mall. Shopping for a dress on a budget? No need to worry! All dresses in store will cost between $100 to $250 each - if that’s not a steal we don’t know what is! As an added bonus, all proceeds from the store will go to support the Women In Need Society (WINS) and the first 50 brides-to-be to shop will receive a FREE mystery gift. ;) We hope to see you all at the grand opening, the dress of your dreams may just be waiting for you!

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Get Your Face Spring Ready!

2016-05-16 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Experimenting with makeup can be tons of fun, (there’s a reason little girls can’t keep their hands off mommy’s beauty stash) and on the facial playing field there are so many opportunities to change up your look! We scoured the beauty blogs and YouTube channels of makeup gurus and came up with our top 3 tips to get you through the season. We hope this list inspires you to try something new! Matte Lipstick Whether it’s red, pink, vampy or nude a good matte lipstick should be at the top of every woman’s spring makeup collection. It’s long-wearing, chic, and gives an extra oomph to any beauty look. The only downside to this trend is the heightened possibility for dry lips, but we’ve got the easy fix! Put on some lip balm before you apply and try a natural lip scrub twice a week, sugar and honey should do the trick! Bold Brows Eyebrows are an often overlooked feature but what most people don’t realize is their ability to transform the shape of your face! Replace those thin, over-tweezed brows with a fuller look. Brow pencils and gels are a great way to fill them in but be mindful, it is an art that can be tricky to master. Try following the natural arch of your brow and drawing in an outline before filling in the shape you already have. Check out this guide from our trusty friends at Buzzfeed. :) Go Bronze or Go Home Highlighting and contouring are two nifty little tricks to enhance your facial bone structure. It involves the use of lighter and darker makeup tones to sculpt the face (think Kim Kardashian). Done right, highlighting and contouring can really take your makeup look to the next level! Here’s an easy to follow tutorial. Hope you enjoyed our list! What are some of your favourite beauty hacks?

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Spring Fashion Trends: Jewellery Edition

2016-05-09 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

There’s nothing like some jewellery to bring your spring outfit to life, and we’ve got the scoop on what’s hot this season! ;) Read on for our top 3 jewellery trends that’ll have you looking (and feeling) fabulous. Colour, Colour, Colour! Don’t be afraid of colour! It’s a great way to add some personality to your wardrobe. It’s always fun to experiment with prints, neons and colours that you usually shy away from. Give it a try, you maybe surprised by what looks good on you! Go Big Or Go Home Wearing all black and feeling a little plain? Add in a chunky statement necklace or some chandelier earrings and you’re all good to go! Adding a dramatic jewellery piece is an easy way to take an outfit from casual to dressy or from day to night, plus you’ll have everyone asking “where did you get that from?” Lucky for you, we’ve got lots of selection. ;) Check out Ardene, Spring, Peoples Jewellers or Michael Hill for your fix! Bling Up Your Clothes Make your clothes an accessory! Sequins, studs and lots of bling, who needs a statement piece when your clothes ARE the statement? This particularly looks great when you’re on a night out and believe us, no one will miss you walking by! Tell us in the comments, what are some of your favourite 2016 spring jewellery trends?

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Spring Cleaning + New Bridal Store!

2016-05-03 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Looking to clear up some space at home? Well you’re in luck! Marlborough Mall is holding our annual Spring Cleaning event to help you start the season off right. It all happens this Saturday May 7th from 9am to 3pm and we’re accepting it all - from gently used furniture to clothing, household items and electronics. You know the saying, out with the old, in with the new! :) To top it off, all donations will go to the Women In Need Society and the Electronics Recycling Association. Revitalize your home and donate to a worthy cause, it’s a win-win! And that’s not all, we’re giving you another reason to be excited for this month. A brand new store is coming to the mall! Don’t miss the grand opening of our bridal dress pop-up store on Saturday May 28th! Hours will be from 10am to 7pm and it will be located right Beside Chatters. The store will feature over 100 brand new wedding dresses priced between $100 and $250 each (what a steal!). Plus, there will be a special gift in store for the first 50 brides to shop. ;) All store proceeds will be in support of the Women In Need Society. Click HERE for further details! PS. Mother’s Day is inching ever so close! Be sure to check out our gift guide!

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

2016-04-25 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

It’s coming up – that one special day of the year that we all get to show our mothers some extra love. That’s right, Sunday May 8th is Mother’s Day and with it comes the big question, what gift is good enough for mom? We came up with a few ideas that are bound to make that special woman in your life feel appreciated! Jewellery You know how the saying goes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Honestly, you can never go wrong with a little bling and nothing says “I love you” like a beautiful piece of keepsake jewellery to prove it! Check out the wide selection at Mappins Jewellers or Things Remembered for a little more of a personalized or sentimental touch. :) Flowers Whether it’s peonies, poinsettias, hydrangeas or roses, every woman has their favourite flower. Find out what mom’s is and grab her an extra-large bouquet. Throw in a box of decadent chocolates, some wine and a gift card to her favourite spa and you’re a shoo-in for son/daughter of the year!;) Beauty/Skin Products Is your mom the type to spend ages at the cosmetics counter? Treat her with anything from perfume to makeup to skincare and everything in between! This may be a little trickier, (especially for the guys!) so it’s a good idea to try to get some hints out of her in terms of go-to brands, colours and wish list items! Hope you enjoyed our suggestions! Which one of these is your mom most likely to love?

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Spring Trends – Men’s Edition

2016-04-19 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

We’re taking a look at this season’s top fashion trends for the guys! As we all know, there's nothing quite like a well dressed man! No matter your style, there’s something here that you’ll love. ;) Check out Tip Top Tailors’ top 10 must-haves for the season! 1. The Blue Suit: Because navy is the new black! It’s also a great way to incorporate some colour into your wardrobe for those who like to keep it simple. 2. The Unstructured Sport Coat: Think a cardigan with cleaner lines. Wear this staple over t-shirts, polos and more! 3. The Cropped Trench: A reinvention of the classic trench. Easy to move in, even easier to style. 4. The Perfect Bomber: Tie together your perfect casual look with a bomber jacket. Easy to transition from day to night. 5. The Retro Polo: Tailored collars and fun colours - make a statement in one of these! 6. The Lived-In Chino: Style and comfort wrapped in one, we promise these will become your new spring staple! 7. Something Floral: From leafy palms to perfect petals. Update your casual look with a print fix! 8. Anything Indigo: The nautical trend is back for the spring – cheers to the colour of the season! 9. Colour Blocked: Bold colours and neutral tones sit side-by-side for a modern twist on casual wear. 10. Light As Linen: Lightweight, easy care and looks great, hit the trifecta with some linen staples in your wardrobe! And there you have it - some of our favourite trends that are sure to make a statement this season! Let us know in the comments below, which trendis your absolutefavourite?

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GownTown is Here + $500 Giveaway

2016-04-11 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

The big event is almost here – GownTown is happening this Sunday, April 17th! Doors to the event are open between 10am and 12pm and young girls in our community will have the chance to choose a prom dress from a wide selection of gently worn evening wear donated by YOU! It’s not too late to make your contribution, we are still accepting dress donations up until the 14th. Simply drop off any gently used dresses (no older than 5 years please!) at Customer Service andhelp a student experience the grad of her dreams! As an added bonus you will be entered into a draw to win a $500 Marlborough Mall Gift Card, the perfect thing to set you up for the warm days ahead ;) And let’s not forget our two locally chosen designers for our GownTown Fashion Contest – come out and vote for the winner in-mall or on Facebook and help change a student’s life with a $5000 scholarship towards their post secondary education! Two contestants, only one winner…who will it be? All dresses sold at the event are $10 and proceeds will go to Aspen Family Services. Read all about GownTown HERE. See you all there! :)

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Spring Fashion for Women + Gowntown

2016-04-05 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Spring is here so you know what that means… it’s time to prep your closet. :) Ladies, check out these style tips that will have you looking right on trend all season long! Citrus Burst Lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit - not only are they delicious, they also make for some great spring colour inspiration. Go femme or go home with mellow yellows, cute corals and pretty pinks. Hint: Le Chateau has an awesome selection in-store. ;) Lace It Up! Turn heads in a racy pair of lace up heels or hit the beach with some cute lace up sandals! Although just a simple detail, laces are definitely the way to go to take your look to the next level. Keep them ankle length or wrap them all the way up, whichever way you like! Head on over to Call It Spring and check out their fabulous collection. The Trench Need we say more? Throw a Fairweather trench over pretty much ANYTHING and you’re all set to go. It’s perfect for those spring nights that are a little colder, plus it screams fashionista! Speaking of spring, prom season is coming up soon! Let’s not forget our GownTown event that’s coming up in less than 2 weeks! The deadline for donations is just around the corner - don’t miss out on your chance to win a $500 shopping spree at Marlborough Mall, plus the opportunity to give someone the prom dress of their dreams! Read more about GownTown HERE.

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GownTown Event + A Sweet Spring Treat

2016-03-28 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Our GownTown Fashion Contest is less than 3 short weeks away and this year we are giving one lucky winner the chance to win $5,000 for their post-secondary education! Our contestants are working away at upgrading donated grad dresses from our collection fora chance to walk away with the grand prize. The question is, who will it be? That’s all up to you!The winner will be determined by having our online, and in mall community vote on their favorite dress. The big day is April 17th! Find more details here. Speaking of creative minds, Yogen Fruz is celebrating their30th birthday and is in need of a brand new cup design! What’s up for grabs? The winner will have a choice between five years (Yup, FIVE!) of free frozen yogurt or a $1000 scholarship towards their schooling! Think you’re up for the challenge? Head on over to their website for contest details!

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Spring Home Décor + Easter Fun

2016-03-21 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

March 20th was the very first official day of spring! Seasonal changes mean one thing…makeovers! And this week we want to give you some easy inspiration to transform your home into the ultimate spring palace :) Florals are a great touch for décor – whether in the form of a printed tablecloth or the perfect table centerpiece. They resonate the same freshness, newness and warmth we all love about springtime and they are a great way of adding some fun and colour! Pastels are everything this season. Blues, pinks, peaches, lilacs and more, it’s your perfect excuse to break out the painting supplies! Need a bit of colour inspiration? Check out this year’s Pantone colours of the year. We can barely contain our excitement! But before we get too carried away with spring, let’s not forget, Easter is just around the corner! From our Easter Egg Hunt to a Petting Zoo, you won’t want to miss out on all the activities this weekend – plus there’s giveaways! Details can be found on our events page.

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A Very Special Easter + Giveaways

2016-03-14 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

We’re stepping it up a notch this Easter with a whole lot of fun activities you and the whole family won’t want to miss! Our in-mall Easter Egg Hunt is happening Saturday, March 26th and we’ll have special Easter treats handy for all the kiddies who can find all the Easter eggs! Be sure to visit Customer Service bright and early and get ahead of the crowd, it’s only while quantities last! Our Easter Egg Hunt is also online this year starting March 24th through the 26th! You could win one of three $50 Marlborough Mall gift cards by finding the Easter eggs on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages! We also have a special Easter Petting Zoo for all the animal lovers out there and of course… FREE Easter Bunny pictures! Hop on over to our events page for dates and details! Great news, the giveaways don’t stop there! Drop off your GownTown dress donations at Customer Service today and you will be entered into our $500 shopping spree draw! The official first day of Spring is in one short week and stores mall wide are ringing the new season with some awesome sales! Click HERE for ongoing Marlborough Mall deals.

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Spring Colour Trends + A Giveaway

2016-03-07 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

Can’t think of a use for your old prom dress? We can! YOU can help us provide affordable dresses to girls from our community by donating your gently used formal dresses atCustomer Service,up until April 15th! As an added bonus, you will be entered to win a $500 Marlborough Mall shopping spree! The dresses received will be sold for $10 each at our GownTown event on April 17 and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Aspen Family services. ClickHEREfor event details! We smell Spring! And what better time of the year to bring out all our pretty pastels? As Pantone would have it, there are 2 colours that top the charts this year; Rose Quartz and Serenity. Rose quartz is synonymous with compassion and a sense of composure while serenity resonates feelings of calmand relaxation. Wear them separately or together! Check outstores likeFairweather , Le Chateau and Payless Shoes for inspiration. Easter’s JUST around the corner – hop on over to our events page for more info!

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GownTown Event + March GWP + Easter Fun

2016-03-01 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

Did you hear? We have a special treat in store for all our high school grads this year! Between March 5th and April 2nd, a few lucky students will have the chance to redesign a prom dress to be displayed for sale at our exclusive 2-hour GownTown event this upcoming April 17th! Prior to the event, we will be collecting dress donations at customer service. Dresses must be no older than 5 years and of course we’ll be offering some incentive in the form of a $500 shopping spree for one randomly selected donor! All dresses (both redesigned and donated) will be displayed for sale at the official GownTown event for only $10 each and all proceeds go to Aspen. Click HERE for further GownTown details! ALSO… Easter is just around the corner! Our fabulous roster of Easter events include pictures with the Easter Bunny, a 3-day petting zoo and a mall wide Easter egg hunt, both in mall and online! Lots of prizes are up for grabs so read up on all the details HERE! Our March Gift With Purchase promo is now LIVE! With every $100 mall gift card purchase, receive an additional 10% bonus. Offer runs March 7th – 20th.

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3 Grad Styles to Rock + $5000 Giveaway

2016-02-22 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

There’s only one week left to be a part of our biggest Gowntown giveaway yet! The stakes are higher than ever this year – we’re talking $5,000 towards one very lucky grade 12 student’s post secondary education! We’ll be choosing 10 finalists to redesign grad dresses from our collection and the winner will be selected by popular vote, both online and in-mall. If you are in grade 12 and living in Calgary and its surrounding areas, then this is for YOU!You have until 9PM February 29th, 2016 to enter so get on it! Get your entry form and full details right here. In need of some design ideas?Here are our top 3 grad gown ideas to consider: All In The Details There’s no better way to add your own personal flair than with eye catching details! Experiment with embellishments like jewels and sequins or some lace accents and cutouts – you can’t go wrong! The Perfect Neckline Halter, bustier or off the shoulder? Necklines matter! Be sure to choose one that flatters. Length As much as midi dresses may be all the rage now, they aren’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. You may want to go down a more traditional route and keep it long, or experiment and go short. The choice is yours! No longer shopping for your own grad dress? Then we need you! We’re accepting donations for gently used formal dresses for our Gowntown sale until April! PS Don’t forget to register for the contest HERE.

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How Does $5,000 Sound?

2016-02-17 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

One of our favourite yearly traditions is in full swing and this year, we have added a new addition: a $5,000 giveaway towards one lucky grade 12 student’s post secondary education! Want in? Of course you do and we have made it super easy: Print out this entry form (or pick up one at Customer Service). Read the contest details. Fill out the form (you can do it – high school has prepared you for this!). Submit your entry form at Customer Service by 9PM February 29th, 2016. Keep your fingers crossed and your phone on! On March 1st, we will draw 10 names who will be given their chance to pick a dress to redesign. Change the hemline? Add some bling? Get those creative juices flowing because you can do whatever you want to give the dress new life. And that newly rejuvenated dress will be on display, in the mall,from April 3rd to 16th. Then it will be time to get your friends and family in to vote for your masterpiece (they can vote online too!). The winner will be announced at the grand GownTown event, April 17th, where all the dresses will also be available for purchase by graduating students. Click here for all the details on this annual event dedicated to helping graduating students get ready for prom at a cost everyone can afford. Not a graduating student? That's ok! Invite your family and/or friends who are to enter and then get ready to cast your vote for them! Be sure to follow our Facebook Page as we share updates ;)

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WANTED – Creative Minds and Beautiful Dresses

2016-02-10 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

We hope you’ve heard by now that our Gowntown event has had a different, even more exciting component added to it this year! We’re talking about our Gowntown Fashion Contest; this year ONE lucky winner could walk away with $5,000 for their post-secondary education. The contest involves having the 10 eligible participants upgrade some grad dresses from our collection fora chance to win. The winner will be determined by having our online, and in mall community vote on their favorite dress. Could you be our lucky winner? Click --->HERE for full contest details! Althoughmany people keep their grad dresses in hopes to someday, somehow, find an opportunity to wear them again, the reality is that most dresses sit collecting dust for many years. What if you could use your old grad dress to impact someone elsepositively? Join our efforts to provide affordable grad dresses to hundreds of girls from our community by donating your gently used formal dresses at Customer Service,from now until April 15th. The dresses we accept must be no more than 5 years old and in excellent condition. All of the dresses received will be sold for $10 each at our Gowntown event on April 17 2016. 100% of the proceeds from dress sales will be donated to Aspen Family services. Click --->HERE for event details. Don’t forget, by donating your dress you can enter to win a $500 shopping spree to the mall!

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Valentines Day Gift Ideas

2016-02-03 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

Just like that, it’s almost Valentine’s Day! It's the time of year where love is in the air, cupid has his bow and arrow out…and you have no idea what to get your loved one! We've put together some ideas to help you find the perfect gift, one that will be remembered for years to come. 1 Get Creative This idea will take some creativity but the end result will be a gift that your loved one will cherish for many years to come. A canvas collage from Things Remembered enables you to captureprecious moments and createan original work of art. You can combine photo's, and quotes of your choosing to truly express yourself and make this a sentimental piece. 2 Plan a Romantic Trip Both you and your sweetie couldprobably use a little more sun right now, or even just a change of scenery . With a little help from our very own Prince Travel, you could be on your way to a destination of your choice in not time! Mahmood and his team are well equiped, and knowledgeable enough to help you plan the perfect trip at any budget. 3 Make Them Sparkle If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that jewelry is always a tasteful and well - received gift. Right now Peoples Jewellers is having tons of sales on various items. We picked this beautiful pearl set that we think it would be a perfect gift for a mother or a grandmother. 4 Make it Fun Theres no rule that says it all has to be serious, have fun with your gift giving! We picked these awesome graphic boxers from Walmart , they have them in various styles, colors, and themes. You could get ones like these Star Wars themed ones, or some other silly ones of your choosing. Regardless of what you get, this gift is guaranteed to cause some laughs. We would love to know, what's the best Valentines Day gift you've ever received? Comment below!

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Gowntown Preview

2016-01-29 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

We’ve received numerous questions about the event, and are ecstatic to finally be able to share a glimpse of what to expect at this year’s Gowntown event. This year we are doing a few things differently with the inclusion of our Gowntown fashion contest. 10 lucky grade 12 students will get to redesign a dress for a chance to win $5,000 towards their Post-secondary education! You can start entering on February 8th, get more details here. This year we will begin got collect dresses on February 8th and will continue to do so until April 15th. Like always, dresses must be no more than 5 years old and in excellent condition and you could win a $500 shopping spree for donating. Get further details here. We’re VERY excited to roll out all that we’ve been planning for this year’s Gowntown! Stay connected to us for up to date information on this year’s events.

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Liven Up Winter

2016-01-20 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

This past Monday was officially Blue Monday, being that it was the 3rd Monday of January. Blue Monday started in 2005, and is a day dubbed by many, including scientists and psychologists, as the most depressing day of the year. We know that January is known to be a tough month for many, so we thought we’d focus on some positive. In comes our Liven up Winter Promotion! Starting today, share some tips and tricks that have helped you fight the winter blues on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using the hashtag #MBMLivelyWinter to be entered to win one of 3 prizes. If you would rather enter in person, visit our customer service booth and fill out a ballot got you chance to win. You can enter until February 3rd; the winners will be announced on February 4th. Be sure to check out our other January promotion, you can receive 10% back in Marlborough Mall Gift Cards FREE, when you purchase of $100 or more in Marlborough Mall Gift Cards until January 24. Now the ball in is your court, how do you fight the winter blues? We can’t wait to hear from you on social media and in mall. Good luck!

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Winter Fashion Inspiration

2016-01-14 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

It's tough enough having to battle the elements, let alone thinking about looking cute while doing it. We know that it's often tempting to opt for functionality instead of fashion, so we’ve put together a few hottest winter fashion trends to keep you inspired. Go over the Knee That’s right, we’re daring you to go one-up in the boot department this year. Over the knee boots have been seen on the runway, the red carpet, and fashion blogs, this sexy shoe trend is everywhere we turn — and it might just be time that it made an appearance in your closet. This gorgeous pair we’re featuring is from Spring. Don’t fear the fur For most, a full on fur jacket might be too reminiscent of an eccentric family member from our youth to ever be a feasible fashion statement. However, the current fashion trends involving fur are far from that of your dear old aunt Fiona. Fur vests have become a fun and fashionable layering piece that’s a staple in many winter wardrobes. We found this adorable one in Sirens. Graphic black and white The mesmerizing combinations of black and white patterns are a go-to trend this season. This trend is a heavy hitter for its ability to be fun and faltering at the same time. You can find this on-tend sweater at Le Chateau. The quilted jacket We love a versatile trend and a quilted jacket offers just that. This trend is a simple yet affective way to amp up your style, and can be worn in a sporty of chic way. We love this jacket from Sears, it does a great job at stitching the wearer in while giving a polished and well put together look. There you have it, just a few fashion inspirations to get you though the rest of the winter in style. What are some ways that you stay motivated to be stylish throughout the winter? Do you browse through magazines, Pinterest pages , or maybe store windows for inspiration? We’d love to hear from you.

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5 Tips for Getting Back on Track After the Holidays

2016-01-06 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

Happy New Year everyone, we wish all of the best in 2016! If the holidays have left you feeling disrupted, you're not the only one. Many people currently find themselves in the awkward space between a relaxed holiday routine and the need to get back on track. Whether your vice was skipping the gym, over indulging on food, or spending carelessly, we’ve put together a few tips to nudge you back in the right direction so you can face 2016 refreshed and energized. 1. Get a Good Planner Sure, there are probably a dozen apps for this, but getting a good "old-fashioned" planner and pen has yet to have lost its usefulness; physically writing things down is proven tohelp with memory vs. doing it electronically. We suggest this elegant Planner by Kate Spade, on top of looking really good, its layout enables you to tackle things by month and by week for optimum organization. You can get yours at Coles! 2. Make Sleep a Priority Sleep is usually one of the first things that get neglected in busy seasons, but for the sake of getting things back in order it really needs to be prioritized. It will become unnecessarily difficult to tackle other goals while being sleep deprived. Set a routine and strive to stick to it, a regular schedule will enable your body to get the most rest. 3. Drink More Water Drinking a glass of water after getting your required amount of rest is critical to kick starting your body’s metabolic process. Maybe you haven’t been your healthiest this holiday season, but taking a simple step like upping you water intake is a great way to boost your health and mental focus. An eco-friendly way to stay on top of your water intake is by using of reusable water bottle; they’re durable, cost effective, and can help you decrease your carbon footprint. You can find a sleek one like this at Footlocker! 4. Cleanse Your Body for The New Year Detoxification is a normal bodily process, and doing a healthy cleanse can be a great way to rid your body of any toxicity you might have accumulated over the holidays. You can try a DYI or store bought cleanse like this Herbal D-Tox 12 Day Cleanse Kit from Sangsters, to get your cells and organs functioning at their optimum potential to face the year ahead. 5. Eat In Color A simple way to get a good amount of nutrients back into your meals is to aim to have more colourful plates of food. Brightly coloured food like carrots, peppers, and beets are packed with essential nutrients. With this tip you can simplify your efforts to eat healthier by heading over to Walmart produce sections and shopping by color, have fun! We hope these tips will help you get things back in order as you start the new year!What’s one thing that you do at the beginning of every year to start it on the right foot? We’d love to hear from you!

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Happy Holidays from Marlborough Mall

2015-12-23 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

Although the bulk of your Christmas shopping is almost behind you, the biggest sales of the year are still ahead! We will be open from 9:00am - 7:00pm on BOXING DAY to maximized the bargain shopping time. Santa Clause: Today is the last day to take pictures with Santa, he'll be here until 4PM . Gift wrapping: You can still get your last minute gifts wrapped! Our gift wrapping space will be open until 4 PM today. The holidays are a time for thinking about those we care about, so we would like to wish you and your loved ones a joyful holiday.

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Gifts for him: A holiday Gift Guide

2015-12-16 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

In the spirit of making this time of year as blissful as possible for you, we've put together a guide of the best Christmasgifts for men— all of which are available from the comfort of your favourite mall. Not only are these gift options suitable for any guy on your list, but you'll be spared the crazy experience of “mall-hoping” because they can all be found at Marlborough Mall. 1. Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker - Black Give him the gift of rich sound. The Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker delivers just that; itconnects up to 2 devices at a time, and enables the user to enjoy up to 8 hours of play time with the rechargeable Li-Ion battery. Get yours at The Source. 2. MEAT: Everything You Need to Know The perfect cookbook for the “man’s man”; although it’s not a new cookbook, it certainly remains a favorite. MEAT was written by veterans of the meatpacking business and covers delicious recipes for beef, pork, lamb, veal, and poultry. Find your copy at Coles. 3. Men's Chronograph Watch Diamonds In Black Stainless Steel Perfeclty described at sleek and sophisticated; this black stainless steel watch has a unique face combining 60 minute chronograph and day and date indicators. This watch encompasses masculinity and stunning style. Find this Beauty at Michael Hill. 4. Jean Paul Gaultier - Ultra Mâle Eau de toilette intense This holiday season get him Jean Paul Gaultier’s new fragrance “Ultra Male". It’s be describes as a reinterpretation of the popular “Le Male” fragrance by the same designer. “Ultra Male” is a masculine yet delicate scent built on citrus notes, black lavender and mint. It comes in the famous torso bottle, colored in dark blue with black stripes and is available in 75 and 125ml Eau de Toilette. Get yours at Shoppers Drug Mart. 5. Maca Root Skincare Line Chances are he might need some convincing, but EVERYONE needs a good skincare routine. The Maca Root line from The Body Shop was developed specifically to meet men's skin care needs. “When used on the skin, Peruvian Maca Root naturally boosts energy and vitality which in turn effectively reduces the appearance of dull skin and helps maintain skin firmness and vigour.” 6. Bellissimo Plaque Buckle Reversible Belt It’s a fact: you can never have too many belts. We’re all about gifts that serve a purpose, and get even more excited when one is able to serve multiple. In comes the Bellissimo plaque-buckle reversible black/brown leather belt, a gift with options. This belt is bound to become a fashion stable in his closet, it’s a quality belt which serves as a 2 in one. Get yours at Tip Top Tailors. We hope you’ve received all of the necessary tips to get the men in your life gifts they’ll be sure to love. To help you out in the funds department, we thought we’d tell you about a chance to win $500 just before Christmas! Click here for details on our Share The Cheer contest.

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Gifts for her: A holiday Gift Guide

2015-12-09 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

The pressure of finding the perfect gift for your loved ones during the holidays is one that we’re sure everyone would love to avoid, but there’s something especially strenuous about finding a gift for the dreaded“Her”. She may be your wife, mother, co-worker, or aunt, but one thing is for sure, you could use a hand figuring out what she might like. Thankfully for you, we’ve put together a list of fail-proof items, to satisfy the taste of any and every woman on your Christmas list. We’ve covered a wide array of products to entice all; from the woman who loves to be pampered, to the one who loves to smell great. Read on and be inspired! 1. Oils of Life Give her the gift of pampered skin. The oils of life line from The Body Shop is receiving rave reviews across the board; the products in the line qualify as luxury, but without the soaring price tags you would expect. This gift is bound to be a favourite for any skincare junkie. 2. A Bulova Watch This watch is the perfect gift for a woman of style and grace. We love that this Bulova watch from Anthony’s Jewellers has a classic face, but yet the rose gold accents make it modern enough to suite various styles and age groups. This is femininity exemplified. 3. A Secret Garden Colouring Book Yes a colouring book for adults, trust us colouring is back! This specific one from Coles is the perfect gift for the more creative woman in your life. You can get an updated artist edition that allows the person colouring to keep their artwork, frame it, and show it off to the world. 4. A cute Scarf A cute accessory is always a great, useful and simple gift. We picked this adorable black and white version from Spring because it’s colours and pattern are adaptable enough to fit various styles. This would make a great gift for a co-worker. 5. An Engraved Appetizer Tray This soapstone appetizer tray from Things Remembered is the perfect gift for the domestic Goddess on your Christmas list. It’s sleek surface makes this a perfect personalized gift; you can easily add their name, their monogram, their custom wedding logo, or a special message to them. 6. A new Pair of Converse It’s safe to say that Converse low tops are a timeless pair of shoes, so you'd beinvesting in apair of shoes that she wont soon tire of. A perfect gift for the lady who values her casual wear, it’ll bring a casual yet smart edge to all her favourite looks. Find Yours at FootLocker. 7. A scent she’ll love The rule of thumb with scents is to know the person well enough that you either know what they already wear or might like, so this might be a better-suited gift to get a significant other. If you are looking to wow her with a new scent that she’ll love, our suggestion is Lancôme’s La Vie est Belle (Life is Beautiful), which you can find at Shoppers Drug Mart. It’s a timeless must-try scent and is described as femininity and happiness in a bottle. We hope you’ve received all of the necessary tips to get the women in your life gifts they’ll love. We know that sometimes the issue with giving the perfect holiday gift is having all of the funds in place to pay for it. So we thought we’d tell you about a chance to win $500 just before Christmas. Click here for details on our Share The Cheer contest.

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Must Have Toys of the Holiday Season

2015-12-02 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

Trying to figure out which toys will warm your and yourchildren's heartsfor the holiday 2015 shopping season? We've weeded through the selections in the mall and narrowed down some the best toys for your kids this holiday season that are alsokind to your pockets. Take a look! 1. Newberry Pastry Shop and Accessories Make their play time enjoyable with this accessory set that includes a display case, light and sound register, drink making machine and so much more! This Newberry play set promises to be a favourite for years to come. Get yours here: Sears. 2. Doc McStuffins™ Learning Game A perfect gift for the explorative mind!Just like the Doc McStuffins™ TV series, your little ones will get to examine toys, make a diagnosis, and treat their toys and plush animals. Get yours here: Sears. 3. Star Wars Electronic Lightsaber Now your childrencan feel like a true Kylo Ren with this Electronic Lightsaber! Get yours here: Walmart. 4. Mega Bloks Minions Station Wagon Getaway Minions are still very popular this season. This blok set allowsyour children to go on a buildingadventure with their favourite Minion characters, Kevin and Stuart! Get yours here: Walmart. 5. Shopkins Vinyl Storage Case Shopkins are all the rave right now! Theirsuper cute, fun, small, and there are many of them. This sturdy carrying case is the perfect gift for your little Shopkins collector, it has over 22 storage compartments, and one larger compartment to store shopping baskets and bags. Get yours here: Showcase. 6. Frozen Beaded Purse This aborable tin carry all, is the perfect gift fora little Frozen fan. Thepurse comes with a beaded handle and clasp. Get yours here: Showcase.

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Holiday Party Looks To Shop For This Black Friday

2015-11-25 17:00:00 -0700 + marlbororugh Mall

We’re super exited for our Black Friday weekend, wich starts TOMORROW. Tons of our retailers are cooking up awesome deals all in the spirit of helping you save money. Click the big bold link below to view some of our deals. Click For: Black Friday Deals We thought what better time to shop for some Holiday looks than at an event like this! We know that when it comes to holiday party looks, the fact of the matter is that you know theperfect holiday lookis out there somewhere, waiting to be discovered. The issue is often just knowing what to look for, and where to find it.That’s why you have us! We've rounded up some of the season'sbest options, to help you know exactly what to look for when you shop with us this Black Friday. GLIMERING GLAM Dare to shine this party season! We love the shimmering sequin numbers we’re seeing this season, especially this one from Le Chateau. Go for it…. THE LITTLE RED DRESS The little black dress tends to make its way out ofmany closet this time of year, so why not switch things up and have fun with your look. A holiday dinner is the perfect time to rock a little red dress, like the little number from Sirens. FIT AND FLARE Flattering for all shapes and sizes, fit and flare style is a simple and elegant choice for the party season. We love this option from Sears, with its glittering foil accents and trendy print. CLASS-ACT Your turn gents! You can’t go wrong with a classic look; start with a simple dress shirt, and build your outfit from there. We love this shirt and jacket combo from Tip Top Tailors; it can easily be dressed up or down depending on your party’s dress code. PREP IT UP Yes, preppy is in. We love this tastefully pretty look from Sears,perfect if you want to abe little casual yet still put together. There you have it, some guidance ot help you shop at our weekend-long Black Friday event, we've got a lot planned and we can't wait to see you! Click here for details.

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Black Friday Weekend 101

2015-11-22 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

What’s better than snagging bargains on Black Friday? A whole weekend full of Black Friday Sales! That’s right, we’re kicking off the holiday shopping season in style with a weekend full of some of the HOTTEST deals to please just about everyone on your shopping list. If you like a bargain, Marlborough Mall is going to be your favourite place to be this Black Friday. A large number of our retailers will be offering deals and discounts on their products throughout the mall. Preview of some of the sales: - Premier Sports: 100’s of hats & T-shirts on sale for $4.99 AND, a whole rack of miscellaneous items will be on sale for %50 OFF! - Sangsters: 50% OFF select Items, free 2016 calendar, free shaker bottle with the purchase of any protein powder, and free vitamin D (great for winter) with every purchase over $20! - Anthony’s Jewelers: Door crash special from 9-11 AM where all watches and silver will ALL be 50% OFF, and varying sales from 30% - 50% OFF from 11 AM on. - Mobilinq: 20% OFF throughout the store! PLUS, during this year’s Black Friday Weekend Event, the first 50 shoppers to stop by Customer Service and present Marlborough Mall receipts from November 27th valuing $100 or more, will receive FREE $25 Mall Gift Card. We’re essentially paying you to shop, don’t miss out! Click the image belowto be taken tothe official Black Friday Page. What’s the one thing you would love to receive this Christmas? Comment below and share with us!

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Countdown To Christmas

2015-11-11 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

Yes, you read that right, we are officially counting down to Christmas! And why not, it’s been in the backs of our minds for weeks now, and is only 43 days away (we’ll spare you the hours and minutes this time). The fact that it comes around every year never seems to alleviatethe chaos it tends to bring, so we’ve put together some “ground rules” to ensure a smoother than ever Christmas this year. You’re welcome! 1. Toys 101 If you’re a proverbial unicorn, and have somehow hit the lottery of not having any toys on your list this year, we envy you! For the rest of us simpletons, Walmart, Sears, and Showcase, are the go to places to visit on the quest for toys. 2. Delegate Your list of to do’s is about to hit an all-time high, so it’s time to delegate where you can. Since you’ll be here shopping anyways, we thought we’d do gift wrapping for you. We’ve partnered with Meals On wheels to bring you the gift wrapping Stations once again. You can get your gifts wrapped for a minimum donation of $2 per gift from December 5th to the 24th. Get full details here. 3. Get deals were you can It’s never just about finding the right gifts is it? Budgetary restraints always seem to rear their ugly noses in your shopping plans, but that’s ok when you can get good deals! In comes the Marlborough Mall Black Friday Weekend Event; On November 27th, 28th, and 29th. On top of the tons of deals you’ll find throughout the mall, a FREE $25 gift card will be given to the first 50 shoppers who present receipts from purchases on $100 or more to customer service on November 27th . Get full details here. 4. Kill two birds with one stone Try to avoid multiple trips where you can. Since you’ll be in the mall shopping away, stop with your little ones and pay a visit to Santa Clause while you’re here, he arrives in the mall on November 21st. Click here for details. There you have it folks, a few good tips to get you thinking ahead and help you save some time this year. What are some tricks that you use to stay on top of things during the holidays? Share them with us below!

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Remembrance Day

2015-11-05 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

This year, Remembrance Day falls on a Wednesday, November 11th. We think it’s important to pay respects to the brave men and women who have, and continue to serve our great country. We’ve put together a list of ceremonies and events around town to help you commemorate. Remembrance Dayat Marlborough Mall: Representatives from the Legion will be present with poppies at the mall until November 11.On Wednesday November 11, the mall will only be open from12Noon – 5pm to give ouremployees and tenants the opportunity to observe this very important day with their loved ones. Ceremonies andevents on November 11 Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Aero Space Museum of Calgary Time: Begins at 10:30AM Date: November11 Location: 4629 McCall Way N.E Remembrance Day Service at Central Memorial Park Time: Begins at 10AM Date: November11 Location: 1221 2 St. S.W., Remembrance Day Ceremony at Canadian Pacific Time: Begins at 10:30 AM Date: November11 Location: 7550 Ogden Dale Rd. S.E Remembrance Day at the Military Museums Time: begins at 10:30AM Date: November11, Location: 4520 Crowchild Tr. S.W Details: This formal service takes place outside of the museum. Ensure to have means for staying warm for the duration of the service, this includes warm clothes, blankets, and warm drinks Remembrance Day at the Royal Canadian Legions Time: Doors open at 9:30AM and close at 9:45 Am; the service begins at 10:45 AM Date: November11 Location: 1910 Kensington Rd. N.W Details: For other locations We hope that this list will come in handy as you take a moment on this special day to remember the bravery of those who came before us.

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Halloween Safety

2015-10-29 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Halloween is coming up this weekend and is meant to be a fun and playful time to be celebrated by many. Regardless of what your plans are for Halloween, we’ve put together some safety tips to ensure that you have an enjoyable and safetime this year. Halloween Safety Tips for Parents & Kids - Teach your little ones how to be safe pedestrianslong before actuallyhitting the road.Teach them simple rules like not darting across the road, crossing only at the corners, and looking left & right (always look left first) before crossing the street. - Remind them not to rely on their ears alone; they must look as well, as many new vehicles are very quiet. - Walk facing traffic, especially if there is no sidewalk. - Make sure your kids are visible in the dark.You can acheive this bydressing themin reflective gear, giving them glow sticks, flash lights, or attaching some reflective tape to their costumes. - Dress in warm clothes - Avoid lit candles and wear flame-resistant costumes - Considerevents like ourTrick or treating, or Pumpkin Partyevent for younger childrenvs. trick or treating - Paint or decorate your pumpkin rather than cutting it to avoid having children use sharp objects. Tips for Drivers - Drive slowly, always signal, avoid passing stopped vehicles (may be stopping to let children out) - Put away your phone and other distractions - Keep in mind children wearing costumes may not be able to see properly. - Check behind your vehicle before reversing and honk before reversing out of a driveway - Plan an alternate route around residential areas, if possible - Leave lots of extra time. If you’re late, don’t stress. Better late than never. Dont forget about our awesomehalloween events, one of which starts tomorow! Click on any of the below images to be taken to the detailed events page. We hope to see you all there!

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Halloween at Marlborough Mall

2015-10-21 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

We’re getting excited to roll out all of the Halloween fun we’ve been cooking up for you this year! Halloween, which for your information is less than 2 weeks away! Yea, we can’t believe it either. We know that the excitement of Halloween can pull you in many directions, but below are reasons why you need to spend it with us! Pumpkin party - Friday, October 30th, 2015 from 12noon - 7PM - Satuday, Ortober 31st, 2015 from 12noon – 5PM Bring a non-parciable food item for the food bankand your little ones can participate in: - Pumpkin decorating, - Get their faces painted (1-3 PM), - Enter our Colouring contest, and - Share their scariest face to enter to win a $50 Mall gift card Trick or Treating The fun doesn’t stop at the party; stop by the mall in your spooky (or cute) Halloween Costume for some good old fashioned trick or treating. - Saturday October 31 from 2pm – 7pm Participating stores will have signs indicating treats inside. *For children 12 years and younger There you have it folks, this year’s Halloween events at Marlborough mall promise to be alot of fun and we hope to see you all there. Now for the important question – What are you dressing up as this year? Share in the comments below!

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Holiday Fitness Tips

2015-10-15 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Now that thanksgiving has passed, the holiday season is basically upon us! As exciting as it is, the holiday season also tends to be the Achilles heel of most people who try to otherwise stay fit throughout the year. With traveling, family time, and endless meals, it's no surprise that most people tend to backslide in their fitness progress during the holidays. The good news is that you can avoid this cycle; with the right amount of savvy planning you can maintain your fitness levels and not feel like you’re missing out on anything. We’ve put together the following tips surrounding motivation, planning and execution to help you avoid sliding backwardsin your health and fitness this holiday season. Get gear that you love It’s a psychological phenomenon that the clothing you wear can trigger mental changes that have a positive effect on you. Get workout clothes that you feel good in and it will only makesense that you get active once you’re in them. Workout gear from Footlocker. Enlist the help of a workout partner Don’t do it alone, staying motivated to get up and get things going it much easier with a workout partner. Have an agreement with your partner to push and hold each other accountable. This might not sound like a fun thing to do but it’ll be hard for you to stay on top of you fitness goals without any form of planning. Have a workout planner A workout journal is a way to get an overview of the milestones you’ve reached on your fitness journey, and a great way to plan your workouts ahead of time. Fitness professionals say that you should be planning out your training at least a month in advance. Doing this is especially useful during the holidays when vacations, trips, and disturbances to your routine are frequent. Keep a food journal Most of you might admit that half of the time you have no idea exactly what you ate during the day. A food journal is a great way to monitor what you're consuming and to know if you are overeating. Chances are that your eating habits won’t be perfect during the holidays considering all the delicious food available, but this is just an easy way to keep from over indulging. Notebook and Journal from Coles. Keep on taking your vitamins Keep in mind that one missed workout session or one bad meal is no reason to sabotage on all your other efforts to stay healthy. Since the holiday season also happens to be flu season it’s important to keep on taking in your vitamins regardless of the changes in your routine. Vitamins available atSansters. Staying fit and healthlyduring the holidays can be very challenging, but with these simple steps, you can stay on track. Follow these ways to stay fit this holiday season, and be on your way toenjoying the food you love while keeping your wasteline in check.

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Last Minute Thanksgiving Preparation

2015-10-07 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Face it, if you’re reading this and aren’t ready for thanksgiving yet your preparation definitely falls in the “last-minute” category. Thankfully for you, you’ve come to right place! The best thing for you to do at this point is to stay calm and come up with a game plan. We’ve put together these last minute prep tips to help you prepare a great meal and have a smooth hosting experience this holiday. 1. Start Simple We get it, although you don’t have as much time to prepare as you would have wanted, a part of you still wants to fuss over every detail. Well, you can still have some great appetizers without spending hours preparing them. Stores like Walmart are stocked with cheeses, olives, fresh bread, and already sliced cold cuts that you can lay out on a serving tray of a cutting board and you’re good to go. 2. Get your guests to bring something Delegate: you already have a huge hosting feat in front of you, no need to take on more than you have to. There’s no shame in asking your guests to bring something simple and easy like desserts, or even drinks. This means fewer things on your last minute shopping list and a little less money out of your pocket, and there is no crimein that. 3. Cook what you know The little time you have left dictates that this thanksgiving might not be a good opportunity for you to experiment with fancy new dishes. Keep it simple by planning to cook something you've made before. Your comfort level in making a dish you’re familiar with means that you’ll know what to buy, how to cook it, and how long it will take you. 4. Choose a DJ This is another great opportunity to delegate; figure out what member of your family would make a good DJ and have them create a playlist. Once the playlist is created, press play and forget it. The last thing you want to do is worry about music on top of everything else. There you have it, a few tips to get you in the right direction to creating a memorable Thanksgiving for you and your loved ones. Please feel free to add anything we’ve missed in the comments below! We would also like to take this oppertunity to wish you a HappyThanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

2015-09-30 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Still not sure how to decorate your home for fall and Thanksgiving? We’re going to help you welcome their arrival with awesome decorations for your home. We’ve gathered some decorating ideas that you can use in centerpieces, on mantels, indoor fall displays, and more. Decorating can be a little overwhelming so we’ve kept these tips super easy for you with items you can easily find in the mall. With these tips, the right amount of creativity, and a little elbow grease, you can be on your way to having Thanksgiving décor perfectly suited to you own personal style. Use Gorgeous Gourds and Pumpkins for Decorating Pumpkins and Gourds are currently readily available and they can easily add a flare of autumn elegance to your home. They look great on a mantle, are a great addition to any center piece, and offer enough versatility to be of great use throughout your Thanksgiving decor. Walmart has Striped Mini Pumpkins and Sparkler Mini Pumpkins, they’re inexpensive and the perfect size to be used as decorative accents. Repurpose Décor Items So you have your, pumpkins, gourds, and other seasonal items, now what? This is where you get to have a little fun and to be creative. One of the best things you can do is to repurpose versatile décor pieces. Candleholders have to be one of our favorites; place your seasonal items on them for a gorgeous fall displays to be placed on mantels, or in a centrepiece. We suggest using candleholders in varying heights, not only does this give you more depth, but it’s also more ecstatically pleasing to the eye. The beauty of using candleholder like this as opposed to their intended purpose is that it’s cost effective; in a couple of months you can switch the fall items out for some Christmas décor to create some more beautiful décor. Sears currently has candle holders in varying styles and sizes in there clearance section. Create Height with Vases in Varying Sizes Vases are perfect for creating height and depth in your décor. You can easily create a beautiful centre piece for pennies by using a collection of varying vases, some leafy branches, and a few stems of your favorite flowers.Vases can also be filled with pine cones, candles, hazelnuts, colorful leaves, or your own assortment of seasonal items for a standalone decor piece. You can find a large selection of affordable vases at Dollarama. We hope we’ve given you some inspiration to get you decorating. We’d love to hear what your favourite ways to decorate your home for the holidays are. Please share them with us in the comments below! * selection may vary in-store

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Fall Beauty Tips

2015-09-23 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Just like that, we say goodbye to another summer and welcome in the slow creeping cold weather. There is so much to look forward to in fall, notably: fall fashion, warm drinks, football, hearty meals… the list is endless! As you prepare yourself to adjust to this new season, it’s important to note that your beauty routine might need some upgrading too. If you haven’t noticed, we’re committed to helping you look fabulous all year round, with that in mind, we’ve put together some beauty tips to help do just that. How you care for you hair in cooler months could the difference betweeen gorgeous shiny hair, and hair ridden with static, split ends, frizz, and whatever other scary things the cold climate could bring. Here’s how you can maintain healthy, beautiful hair this fall. 1. Wear a hat This tip is simple, easy, and to the point. Hats can act as an awesome shield between your hair and the elements (cold and wind). We know what you’re thinking though, don’t hats give you hat hair? No, friends, you can easily avoid hat hair by wrapping your hair in a silk scarf prior to wearing your hat. Voila! Our Pick: The Konigin hat from Spring, in the color Bordeaux; it’s practical and incredibly stylish. 2. Get regular hair treatments For $30 and a half hour of your time, could get you The 4 Step Joico Deep Conditioning Treatment from Chatters Hair Salon. This treatment targets the issues of dryness and dullness in hair by using a proven 4 step method to lock in the hair’s moisture. Step 1 – Clarifying Shampoo, Step 2 – Deep Penetrating Treatment, Step 3 – Intense Hydrator, andStep 4 – Cuticle Sealer. The hair specialists at Chatters would suggest that you get a treatment like this at least once a month to maintain your hair’s vivaciousness. Proper care of your skin in the coming months will determine whether you go into winter with healthy skin, or with skin that is dry, flaky and dull. 1. Use a cream cleanser Gel cleansers are awesome in the summer time but don’t do much for you in cold weather. Keeping in mind that everything about the cold wants to suck the moisture out of your skin, it’s only right that you do your part in attempting to maintain as much moisture as you possibly can, that’s what a good cream cleanser can offer you. Our pick: The Vitamin E Cream Cleanser from The Body Shop; it’s a light cream cleanser that gently lifts away dirt, make-up and impurities without drying the skin. 2. Keep up the suncreen The myth that you’re not susceptible to skin damage from UV radiation in the colder months has definitely been busted! Regardless of how much direct sunlight we’ll get, sunscreen needs to be a beauty essential for everyone, all year long. Our pick: Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 45 from Shoppers Drug Mart. This moisturizer is lightweight, non-greasy and absorbs quickly to keep the skin hydrated all day. We hope these tips will come in handy for you this fall. Do you have any of your own go-to beaty tips for cold weather? Share them with us in the comments below! * selection may vary in-store

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4 Books You Must Read This Fall

2015-09-16 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

If you’re like us, the perfect fall evening includes cozy clothes, a blanket, a warm drink, and a captivating book. As we say “bring it on” to fall and all that it brings, we’re especially excited to welcome in some fall reading. We know that the wide array of books available on the market make it hard to choose, so we’re helping you sift through the offerings with this list of 4 books you must read this fall, most of which can be found at Coles Marlborough Mall. Our picks span in genre and personality, including, the telling tale of a woman's 15 months in captivity, an addicting psychological thriller that takes a look into dark areas of people’s lives, and a refreshing self-help book that chronicle’s one person’s journey to happiness. So we say go ahead: read one, two, or all of them, because they are sure to become favorites on your fall reading list. Let the reading begin! 1. The Girl on the Train By Paula Hawkins Thriller: If you’re looking for a story that will draw you in, this is the book for you. The Girl on the train is being described as one of the year’s best releases. This Instant #1 New York Times Bestseller will leave you asking the question “Just what goes on in the houses you pass by every day?”, as it follows the lives of six adults, in a winding story full of twists and unexpected turns. 2. A House in the Sky By Amanda Lindhout and Sara Corbett Memoir: A House in the Sky is a definite must-read and is sure to become a memorable can't-put-it-down type of book to be cherished for years to come. It follows the true story of a young woman whose wanderlust and explorative nature brings her across the globe, including in the country of Somalia, where she is held captive for 460 days. It’s a beautifully written story of survival, courage and the self-freeing power of forgiveness. 3. The Wright Brothers By David McCullough Biography: Wilbur and Orville Wright were perhaps the most influential brothers in history and are known as the fathers of modern aviation for the way that they revolutionized transportation on the planet. David McCullough is being applauded as a great story teller, for his telling of the lives of two men who left a giant mark the modern age. 4. The Happiness Project By Gretchen Rubin Self-help: Not everyone is the same, so maybe fall doesn’t make you happy like it does for us. Well,this book might be one to help with that! This delicious tell all book by Gretchen Rubin is being praised for its ability to make the reader happy just by reading it. The Happiness Project is a breath of fresh air in comparison to others in its genre. Gretchen Rubin approaches the telling of her journey to a happier mind state, with practical information, honestly, and a lot of humour. It is a book that is bursting with absorbing details about the science of happiness and the steps that the author took to change her life for the better. * selection may vary in-store

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Sweater Weather 101

2015-09-09 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

It’s not hard to know what’s on the fashion forecast for fall. We know to expect coats, that there will be an influx of deeper colours, and we also know that there will be sweaters; LOTS of sweaters. We’re thankful for that, because other than the sound of crunchy leaves nothing makes it more like fall than pulling on your favorite sweater. So although the summer will be missed, a glimpse ahead at fall fashion makes the separation a little more bearable,ESPECIALLY when it comes to cozy knitwear. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite looks from around the mall to help you find the key knit pieces are sure to become a hit this season. 1. The Sweater Dress (Le Chateau) Whether you belt them, layer them, or pair them with heels, sweater dresses are easily a fall wardrobe staple since they can both be dressed up or down. This asymmetrical version from Le Chateau pairs well with cute skinny jeans or some leggings and boots. It’s so perfect for those days where you don’t have much time but still want to look great! 2. The Crossed Cable-Knit (Ardene) Knits are a must have every fall and with good reason. Not only are they a reliable way to keep warm as things begin to cool down, they’re also super stylish and great transition pieces into the winter. This season, look for sweaters with a little bit of flare like this gorgeous piece from Ardene with a V-neck and crossed detail in the front. With the long stretch of cold ahead of us, you might as well have something fun to wear. 3. The Classic Turtleneck (Tip Top) Fellas, there’s some fun to be had for you as well. Turtlenecks are timeless and when styled right, they can polish your ensemble and make you look well put together. This sweater from Tip Top Tailors is a versatile layering piece that can be worn alone, or under a light jacket. We hope we’ve inspired you with a few key pieces to help you build your perfect fall wardrobe. Do you have any must have fall pieces? Share them with us in the comments below!

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Fabulous Fall Boots for Her

2015-09-02 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Don't let fall show up without having a stylish new pair of boots. The winter weather will be in full effect beforemuch longer, but that's no reason to get gloomy! In fact, we're celebrating the arrival of fall because that means all of us are due for a style update and we're starting at the feet. And to help you out, we're letting you know thatBluenoteshere in Marlborough Mall is a greatsource for fab winter boots! 1. Tall Slouchy Boot We're in love with this sexy look! Be sure tofind a pair that will keep you both warm and dry because brisky, slushy mornings are just around the corner.And of course, look for different colours to match any style or outfit. A gal can never have too many boots, right? 2. Sherpa Cuff Boot with Buckle Isn't this cute? Whether you're looking for a casual look or want to do yourself up a bit, this hot style answers the bell! These definitely put the fun in functional and we love the buckle. 3. Slouchy Mid-Calf Boot Need something in the middle? We've got you covered! This fab style is not too tall and not too short, but it's all kinds of fun. It offers the look and comfort you're searching for this fall! Don't delay! Before we know it, fall will be in full swing and so will the chillier weather. Stop by Bluenotes and add a new pair of boots to your fall wardrobe! Share with us in the comments below, what's your favourite fall accessory? *Style and colors may vary in store

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Top Tips for Back to School

2015-08-26 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Doesn't it feel like just yesterday that we were setting New Year's Resolutions? It will be September in just a few short daysand Back to School is already in full swing. While it's an exciting time of year filled with fresh beginnings, it also can be a little intimidating for children and parents alike. That's why we're sharing a few tips to take some stress off your plateand help you concentrate on getting your kids off to a great start forthe school year. The good news is, it often only takes a little planning, goal setting, and organization! 1. Plan Ahead A day planner from Coles is always handy and will help add some structure to your schedule. Get all those "TODOs" out of your mind and on paper. It will help you keep track of important tasks, dates, and appointments. Oh - be sure to get a planner equipped with 2016 dates too so you'recovered for the next 16 months! 2. Maintain Good Health It can be hard to eat clean and get all of yournecessary nutrients for the day during this busy time of year. Luckily, there's help! Stop by Sangsters and grab aMultivitamin. Look for one where each capsule contains a list of essential vitamins to keep you healthy and energized throughout your day. 3. Set Clear Goals Setting goals is a wonderful way to get clear on what you want and they keep you disciplined throughout your day. Vision boards are great for posting up on your wall and pinning visual representations of what you'd like to accomplish. Walmart's cork bulletin board is the perfect place to pin your goals so they stay on top of your mind! 4. Stay Organized Are you constantly scrambling to find things? Are important cards, keys, and the all-important smartphone constantly ending up at the bottom of apile in your purse? It's time to get organized! Visit Showcase and get your very own Kangaroo Keeper Brite. It's not just a purse, it's a handy organizer with compartments and pockets to help keep important things easily accessable. We hope these tips help you have a stress free school year. Do you have any secrets to ensuring a smooth transition from Summer to Fall? Leave them in the comments, we would love to hear about them! * selection may vary in-store

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Back to School, Back to Work - Fashion for Him!

2015-08-19 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Can you believe it? In a couple short weeks, college campuses will once again be filled with eager mindsand ourcity streets will be buzzing with people fresh off their last minute summer vacations. It's the time of year where new opportunities and fresh beginnings are most plentiful! Isn't it exciting?! Ladies, we know you want the guys in your life to look their best and we thought you might need some help making that happen! That's why we're sharing our favourite looks and styles as we all gear up for September. We grabbed them from our newest edition to the mall, Tip Top Tailors! 1. Versatile Grafton 1853 Sport Shirt We LOVE this combination of casual and dressy. It's the perfect top that's versatile enough to be worn in a variety of different settings and occassions. Whether the manin your life is heading back to school in September, or simply needs an update to his work wardrobe, this shirt does the trick! 2. Stylish Hechter Pants Both busy professionals and college students are familiar with their fair share of presentations. Doing research, finding data and delivering it to an audience isan intimidating feat for almost everyone! Take some stress off his plate by making sure he looks the part. These pants are perfect for making a great first impression on his professor or manager! 3. Cute Bomber Jacket Help your guy stay warm during his commute! The mornings are becoming a little more brisk, so this jacket is the perfect addition to his wardrobe as we inch closer and closer to fall. September is the perfect time for a quick (or thorough) wardrobe update. We think these three suggestions are the perfect additions to any man's closet! Stop by Tip Top Tailors to grab yours! Share with us in the comments below.What's every man's one must-have accessory this fall? * selection may vary in-store

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Fall Footwear Sneak Peek

2015-08-12 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Nothing makes a statement quite like having the hottest shoes on the block. So, we've put together a few suggestions to help youreallylevelup your footwear game this fall! 1. Leather Slip-On from Le Chateau Need something a little more casual? We hear you. Sometimes, the best shoes are the ones you can get intoquickly and go! These slip-on sneakers make leaving the house easy, without compromising on comfort or style. Stop by Le Chateau for this pretty pair of love! ​2. Flashy Sneakers from M.D.X Footwear Who says men can't have a little flare in their life? We encourage it! Whether you're attending a cocktail party this month or just looking for a comfortable pair of shoes that doesn't compromise on style, this pair does the trick! Find these flashy badboys at M.D.X Footwear. 3. Fun Flats from Call it Spring Talk about stylish! This lovely pair of flats will bring comfort and sophistication to all of your fall outfits. Want a pair? Swing by Call it Spring for yours! 4. Career Loafers from Sears Need to combine stylish with professional for work? These career slip-on loafers will help you carry on with your busy days without having to worry about your feet's look and comfort! Sears is your destination for this professional and sleek pair of shoes! So, what are you waiting for? Summer isn't going to last forever (we wish it would!) so swing by Marlborough Mall today to add these babies and get ready for fall! Tell us in the comments below, are we more likely to find you in slip-ons or sneakers this fall? * selection may vary in-store.

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Hot Summer Fashion Trends

2015-08-05 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

If we keep talking about summer, it'll never end right? The truth is, there's still plenty of sunshine and warm weather left to enjoy. So, it's time to make the most of August! Let us help you with a few hot trends you should know about. 1. Sun Hats from Ardene How cute is this?! If you're looking for less sun in your eyes without compromising on style, this is it! This hot straw fedora comes with a pretty denim bow to really make a statement. Ardene is your source for this great summer accessory. 2. Jump Suits from Le Chateau Talk about standing out. This sexy tribal print jumpsuit looks good AND feels good! This easy-to-wear piece is designed with a strapless neckline and blouson bodice. Stop by Le Chateau to grab yours. 3. Floral Dress from Bluenotes Who saysfloral designsare reserved for the "aged" look? This comfortable piece is the perfect summer look and combines elegance with youth.Swing by Bluenotes to pick it up! 4. Khakis from Sears Don't worry gents, we haven't forgotten about you! We totally dig this look on men! It's a great combination of style and comfort and provides a straight fit through leg and seat. It even comes equipped with 'No Wrinkles" technology. Come get it at Sears. There you have it. Who says summer slows down in August? Add these hot trends to your wardrobe, and we promise no cooling off will be necessary! Do you have a favourite style or accessory that you love rocking in the summer? Share them in the comments below! * selection may vary in-store.

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Heritage Day

2015-07-29 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Is there anything that rings in August in Calgary quite like Heritage Day? That's right, like or not, this year continues to fly by. Yes, summer is just about halfway through, but Heritage Day gives us a big reason to celebrate! Between Canadian musical performances, First Nations dances, egg and spoon races and so much more, there's really no reason to get gloomy about the end of July! Let's a take a look at exactly what you'll need to make the most out of Heritage Day, shall we? 1. A Quick Pick-Me-Up! Start your day with a little extra boost. Before you show up to Heritage Park, stop by Tim Hortons and grab your favourite cup of coffee! We recommend starting your day early, and the last thing you want is to show up still dreaming about your bed! 2. Block the Sun! Normally, we're all about adding just a little extra sunshine to your life. But, when it comes to long days outdoors, it's better to be safe than sorry! Swing by our Shopper's Drug Mart and make sure you have plenty of sunscreen for you and the family. That way, everyone can enjoy the sunshine...without the sunburn! 3. Feet First! You'll be on your feet quite a bit, so make sure you're only wearing comfortable and proper fitting footwear! The last thing you want is to have to cut your day short because of discomfort. Our friends at Payless Shoes have quality footwear that come in all shapes and sizes. So toss out the ol' worn out sneakers and make sure you're putting your comfort first! There you have it, just a few essentials to make the most of Heritage Day. The fun begins at 9:30AM on Monday, August 3rd at Heritage Park. Share with us in the comments below, what is your favourite Heritage Day memory?

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Summer Food Guide

2015-07-22 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Hey summer foodies! We're not quite sure how we ended up in the homestretch of July 2015 (where is this year going?!), but we DO know that there's still plenty of summer left to enjoy a healthy, green and fresh diet! If you're looking for healthy alternatives to keep you energized throughout the day, search no more! We've put together our favourite spots to grab a bite that both your taste buds and your body will appreciate! 1. Veggie Delite from Subway Sink your teeth into your favourite veggies nuzzled in a whole wheat bun and drizzled with a zesty low-fat dressing of your choice. This Subway classic always hits the spot! It's the perfect option for a quick and healthy lunch or dinner! 2. Souvlaki and Salad Plate from Opa! of Greece Ok - just because it looks, smells and tastes amazing, doesn't mean you have to feel guilty about eating it! We think you'll enjoy this yummy dish at Opa! of Greece. When we're talking about marinated and grilled souvlaki skewer served with pita wedges and a fresh's hard togo wrong. 3. Maki Sushi from Edo Japan Worry not, sushi lovers. We have the perfect idea for you too! From their crunchy cucumber kappa rolls to their signature house rolls, Edo Japan's maki sushi is a fresh and filling option just for you! 4. Assorted Mediterranean Salad from Villa Madina We love that the food at Villa Madina is prepared right before your eyes, so you can ensure only the freshest ingredients are being used! We're big fans of their Mediterranean salad, so there's no way we could even think about leaving it out of this list! There you have it, a few of our favourite summertime meals that don't mess with our health goals.While you can enjoy each of these items year round, we think they pack a little extra love in the summer. Stop by Marlborough Mall to enjoy these yummy dishes! Now it's your turn! Tell us in the comments below, what's your favourite healthy summer meal that doesn't compromise on taste?

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3 Simple Steps to a Vertical Garden

2015-07-15 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Calling all green thumbs! Are you "in" on the hottest trend in gardening right now? Vertical gardens or "living walls" have been around for centuries - think trellises or climbing vines - but these days they are all the rage and there are more styles and types than you can count! Created from everyday things like palettes, plastic bottles, pvc pipes and even cinderblock, these do it yourself gardens can be as simple or elaborate as you'd like. Here are some tips for creating your own: Plant Types - Whether you're looking to grow plants for decoration or for food, a vertical garden is a great way to do so, especially if you're short on space. You can create beautiful flowering walls by mixing foliage like Lomandra, different varieties of Ivy, and Flax Lily with colorful flowering plants like Clivia, Geranium and Lavender. Or if your focus is the kitchen, try some Lettuce varieites, onions, thyme, sage, clinatro, mint and more. Wall Materials - It seems that wall gardens can be crafted from almost anything these days but the most popular are pallettes. But, we love it when people dare to be different! Pick something unusual and that you wouldn't expect and it is sure to be a head turner with guests.We even spotted an old dresser turned garden and a shoe organizer pocket garden in this list over on Country Living's site! It all comes down to your preference of materials and the look you want. Location, Location, Location - Sun, shade, inside, outside - all valid points when deciding where to erect your wall o' plants. Take into account what your plants need when it comes to the elements. If they aren't mobile like these, make sure that you are growing the right plant in the right environment and all will be coming up roses - or herbs, whatever the case may be. Yep, it really is that easy. You can scour the web for a bazillion different ideas and even video tutorials to help you build the vertical garden of your dreams. And remember, whatever design you pick, you're sure to findall the building materials, tools, plants, soil and more waiting for you at the Marlborough MallWalMart Garden Center. Now, we're curious, what would you plant in a vertical garden and why?

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Thank YOU!

2015-07-09 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

We can always count on you for a good time. Our annual Stampede Breakfast was a huge success, and we want to thank YOU for making it such a big hit! Scroll down to see if you spot yourself in any of our Stampede pictures, and be sure to scroll down to the very bottom for your chance to win a $25 or even a $100 Marlborough Mall Gift Card! We enjoyed lots of fun, laughter and activities with our whole community, and we're thrilled that you chose Marlborough Mall as your destination to enjoy a delicious breakfast on us! It was so great to see everyone having such a wonderful time! What was our favourite moment? Well, if we REALLY had to choose, we just loved seeing the look on the kiddies' faces when they met the furry munchkins in our petting zoo! Oh, and let's not forget all of the adults hanging out with their favourite animals too! We can hardly wait for next year! Don't forget! The Calgary Stampede is still in full swing and you could win a $100 Marlborough Gift Card just for taking a selfie! Full details are here. Now, tell us in the comments below - what was YOUR favourite moment from our Stampede Breakfast? You'll be entered to win a $25 Marlborough Mall Gift Card!

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Stampede 101

2015-07-01 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Giddy up! Before you know it, the Calgary Stampede will be in full swing! To make the most out of everyone's favourite outdoor festival, we've put together a list of things you can do now to get ready! 1. Review the Schedule You can always justshow up on-site, but why not pinpoint exactly what you want to do and see beforehand? Between parades, activities, pancake breakfasts, live music and much more, you'll want to choose the attractions that appeal to you the most. Check out the official Calgary Stampede scheduleto get organized and plan ahead! 2. Don't Get Lost! You can expect to see big crowds almost everywhere you go! So, if you're planning to enjoy the Stampede with a group of friends or family, you'll want to make sure you're all equipped with this map. If you're bringing the kiddies along, you can even plan strategic meet up points in case someone gets separated from the group! 3. Take a Selfie to WIN a $100 Gift Card! Swing by Marlborough Mall Customer Servicebetween July 3rd - July 12th, take a selfie with the cowboy hat and upload to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #MBMWin. You'll automatically be entered for your chance to win a $100 Marlborough Mall Gift Card! Pretty sweet, eh partner? Don't forget! When you buy $100 in Marlborough Mall gift cards between July 4th - July 12th, you get 10% back in gift cards and 1 FREE gate admission to the Calgary Stampede! Click here to learn more.

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Stampede Breakfast

2015-06-24 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Hey Calgary! It’s almost time to dust off those cowboy boots and pull out your best stretchy pants for our annual Stampede Breakfast, right here at the mall. Join us on Saturday, July 4th between 9-11AM for lots of fun, laughs, activities,and of course...a free breakfast! In addition to yummy pancakes,you can also expect: * Live music to tap your boots to * Pony rides for the kidlets * The Ronald McDonald Bus * Canadian Blood Services This is one of our favourite times of the year, and we would love to serve you a delicious meal with a side order of complete family fun! Be sure to show up early, breakfast is first come, first serve, and we stop dishing out the pancakes at 11AM sharp.Besides, we want to spend as much time with you as possible! We'll see you right outside entrance #2 in the parking lot. Don't be shy! Share in the comments below...what do you love most about the Calgary Stampede?

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Gift Ideas for Dad

2015-06-17 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Father's Day is right around the corner! Sunday is fast approaching, and if you're still stumped for gift ideas, we've got you covered! Here are some fantastic ideas* that Dad is sure to love! 1.Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Available at The Source, you can give Dad the gift of total mobility with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.He'll love being able to stay connected on the go. Whether he's a casual internet browser or a total tech junkie, you can bet that Dad is totally going to love this tablet's ease of use, combined with itsversatility. *Selection may vary in-mall. 2. Destiny and NHL 15 Find these hot titles at EB Games! There's no rule that says you have to grow out of video games. If Dad still hasn't played Destiny, now is your chance to give him the gift that everyone has been talking about. It'snow available for only $39.99. And, if the special man in your life is feeling blue about the NHL season wrapping up, pick up NHL 15, also only $39.99!Let him take control over his favourite team! *Selection may vary in-mall. 3. New Balance 574 Does Dad just love to get outdoors and go for a run, or has he made a commitment to get into better shape? Either way,Footlocker has your back!Help him along by picking up a pair of New Balance 574s for only $99.99! Help Dad upgrade his style withthese stylish shoes! They offer comfort combined with durable traction for any terrain! *Selection may vary in-mall. 4. Marlborough Mall Gift Card Let Dad do the choosing! Take the decision out of your hands and put it in his. He'll love the selection and options he'll find at Marlborough Mall. Stop by Guest Services to pick up a gift card to his favourite mall! So there you have it, four awesome ideas for Dad! You'll want to stop by soon though, because Sunday will be here before you know it! Want to make this Father’s Day a little extra special? We can help! Just tell us in the comments below, What's your favourite memory with your Dad? Leave your answer by midnight on Sunday, June 21st to be entered in for your chance to win a $50 Marlborough Mall gift card. The winner will be announced on Monday, June 22nd. Good luck!

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3 Tips to Stay Healthy this Summer

2015-06-09 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Summer is here! With the arrival ofthe hot weather, regular BBQs and time spent lounging around, it is easy to slip out of a regular health routine and into something a bit more relaxed. To help you maintain your best self, we've got three tips to help you keep health top of mind this season. 1. Wear Sunscreen We hear it a lot when the warm weather rolls in, but it's so incredibly important to our overall health that we'd be remiss not to make it our #1 health tip. Wearing sunscreen is an absolute must as it helps to protect our skin against harmful UV rays. Everyone should use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. It's not just your skin you want to think about when it comes to sunscreen -- there are products made for many parts of your body that have a sun protection factor (SPF) built into them. For example, Shoppers Drug Mart carries lip balms, hair care products and even eye cream that all contain SPF. The more protection you can add to your body, the better. 2. Drink Plenty of Water Drinking water is our second health tip and for good reason. Your body is composed of about 60% water and your bodily fluids are responsible for digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients and maintenance of your body temperature. In the summer months, your body needs even more fluid to replace what you are losing in the heat. If you aren't a fan of drinking a lot of "plain" water, try an infuser bottle. An infuser bottle has an interior cylinder that you can place fruit or veggies inside of to infuse your water with delicious, all-natural flavours. Our favourites include strawberries, blueberries, cucumbers, lemons and lime. Get creative with your water and we guarantee you'll drink a lot more of it! 3. Eat Healthy Foods Eating healthy has benefits throughout the year but with all of the yummy produce being grown at this time of year, eating fresh is really easy! The best advice we've ever heard for choosing the best foods for your body is to shop the perimeter of a grocery store. Here, you'll find fruits, vegetables, whole grains and more. If you feel adventurous, you can alsogrow your own food! All you need is some soil, a pot and some seeds! Container gardening is an easy and completely affordable way to grow your own food whether you've got a sprawling backyard or a simple patio. Grab everything you need at Wal-Mart, right after you've finished filling your cart with delicious greens. What are your favourite summer health tips? Let us know the #1 way you maintain your best self in the comments below.

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Festival Fashion Inspiration

2015-06-02 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Calgary's music scene is teeming with amazing festivals (Calgary Folk Music Festival, GlobalFest, Nuit Blanche, International Blues Festival and more!) so we wanted to bring you some festival fashion inspiration to get you excited about rocking out this summer. 1. The Striped Knit Jersey Dress This gorgeous dress, from Urban Planet, is a perfect festival-worthy dress as it's light, breezy and can be accessorized with whatever belt you choose (or, for even more whimsy, add a scarf!) Add a cute pair of sandals and a necklace and you're all set! 2. Brushtroke Print Challis Sleeveless Romper This romper, found at Le Chateau, is a fabulous alternative to a dress as the shorts will keep you feeling comfortable even while you're dancing to the beat. The brushstroke print is also unique and fun! Pair it with gladiator sandals or something with an ankle cuff and you'll be good to go. 3.WUCIEN Sandals Lasting for hours at a festival, particularly one where you're on your feet the entire time, means having a good pair of shoes to support you. These sandals, found at Spring,are the perfect combination of comfort and style with the metallic band and accents. Wear with a dress, a romper or shorts! Step Into Festival Chic with this Rockin' Deal To help you snag that new festival-ready outfit, we also have a fantastic gift card promotion happening now through June 21st! Purchase $100 or more in Marlborough Mall Gift cards and you'll receive 10% back in gift cards FREE! Find out more on our website here. *Please note: styles and availability may vary in-store.

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3 Super Simple Summer Hairstyles

2015-05-27 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Ah, summer. Gone are the days of needing to cover up with warm, wooly hats and instead, we've ushered in the season of... hair! We've chosen three of our favourite (and super simple!) summer hairstyles from one of our favouriteblogs: A Beautiful Mess. Try these fun stylesout and then let us know how they turned out for youover on our Facebook page (bonus points if you share a photo, too!) The Fishtail Braid Perfect For: Every day! Difficulty Level: Easy Styling Time Required: 5-10 minutes Hair Condition Needed: Next day, unwashed hair works best! How to Do It: Get step-by-step instructions over at The Everyday French Twist Perfect For: Date night orsummer wedding Difficulty Level: Moderate Styling Time Required: 10-15 minutes Hair Condition Needed: Unwashed hair works best How to Do It: Get step-by-step instructions over Beachy Waves Perfect For: Anytime - dress up or dress down! Difficulty Level: Moderate Styling Time Required: 20-30minutes Hair Condition Needed: Unwashed hair works best How to Do It: Get step-by-step instructions over What are your favourite summer styles? Let us know in the comments below! Take Your Hair Game to the Next Level Also, be sure to check out the amazing offers that Chatters Hair Salon has for you this month! Free Gift with Service Get a free full-size Joico Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo with every color service this month! Keep your color fresher, longer by prolonging time between washes. This product will bring limp hair back to life in seconds, it is magic in a can! Free Gift with Product Purchase For the month of May, with any product purchase of $60 or more, receive a free China Glaze Limited Edition Color “Chatterbox” exclusively for Chatters! This gorgeous purple fuschia shade is perfect for Spring and Summer!

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Yummy Watermelon Sorbet

2015-05-20 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

When those hot summer days begin to roll in, nothing beats a delicious, mouth-watering and completely satisfying treat. We saw this watermelon-inspired recipe and knew that we had to share it on our blog, too! This is a simple, four ingredient recipe that will become a fast favourite in your household. Ingredients 1 cup Sugar 1 cup Water 8 cup Seedless Watermelon 2 tbsp Lemon Juice Instructions In a small pan, add sugar and water and bring to a boil. Cook until sugar is dissolved, then set aside to cool. Puree watermelon in batches and place in a large bowl. Add sugar syrup and lemon juice and mix well. Place in a 13x9 dish, cover and place in freezer until firm. Puree frozen mixture before serving. If you make the sorbet at home, we'd love for you to share your results with us!Post a comment or share a photo over on ourFacebook page. We can't wait to see what yummy variations you put on this incredible recipe, too! Sorbet Served with an In-Season Polish After you've made your delicious sorbet, you may find yourself wanting to infuse a little more juicy inspiration into your life. If so, we have the perfect compliment to this refreshing dessert! Stop by Shoppers Drug Mart and pick up Essie's perfect polish in a shade called Watermelon. Flirty and chic, this beautiful, ripe colour is always in season. To warm summer days...

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Summer Beauty Essentials

2015-05-13 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

With Summer on its way, we want to make sure your beauty routine is set to handle the warm temperaturesand the gorgeoussunny days. Whether you spend your summer days roughing it in the wilderness or you prefer to stick to reading magazines pool-side, we've got you covered. Avene High Protection Tinted Compact (SPF-50) Taking care of your skin, particularly during summer when the sun is at its hottest, is really important. Finding products that contain an SPF level is the key to ensuring that you stay safe and protected when you need it most. This compact, from Avene (available at Shoppers Drug Mart) has a matte formula, is made with 100% mineral sunscreen and contains Vitamin E. This product also hasbroad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and powerful antioxidants. Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz from The Body Shop Are you looking for an instant pick-me-up? This energizing face spritz from The Body Shop will refresh, smooth and energize dull-looking skin. The face spritz contains Amazonian camu camu berry, which has one of the highest contents of vitamin C in nature. As with the rest of the products we've recommended, antioxidants play a role here, too.Vitamin C is an antioxidant that promotes collagen production, elasticity and protects against environmental damage. Joico Humidity Blocker Finishing Spray Available at Chatters Hair Salon, the Joico finishing spray is the perfect hair care product to use throughout the summer. The Humidity Blocker is a light holding aerosol spray that delivers protectiong from volume-deflatng humidity. It creates an invisible, protective barrier around your hair strands to lock out humidity, eliminate frizz and keep your volume all day. Blueberry Bliss Rooibos Tea from Teavana You may not initially think of tea as being part of your beauty regime but tea, particularly of the rooibos variety, is chock full of antioxidants, which helps to give you a healthier glow and helps aid your body in protecting and repairing cells. The Blueberry Bliss tea from Teavana is a delicious way to add those anti-oxidants while also feeling refreshed and satisfied. Tell Us Your Favourite Summer Beauty Essentials! We want to hear from you! What are your summer beauty must-haves? Let us know in the comments below. * Products and availability may vary in-store. Not all items shown are guaranteed to be in-stock.

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Gift Ideas for Mom

2015-05-04 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Mother's Day is this weekend and we know that there are some of you who will be rushing out at the last minute to grab the perfect gift for Mom. To help make the task even easier, we've pulled together some fabulous items* she'll love. 1. Grey Canvas Ballerina Flats Available at Ardene, these ballerina flats are the perfect addition to Mom's wardrobe. She'll be able to wear them to the office or with a summery dress as the weather warms up. The best part? These shoes are available for just $14.50 or you can get two pairs for just $20. Affordable, comfortable and stylish! 2. Mother's Day Goodies to Treat Mom Like a Queen The Body Shop has gift ideas that will let Mom reign supreme this Mother's Day (and who doesn't like feeling like a Queen for the day?) Her Royal Sweetness is a gift set that is infused with delicious strawberryand is priced at just$25. Also pictured above is Body Shop's own Vitamin E Moisture Cream, which is their skin care hero. It is fresh, lightweight and very moisturizing. 3. Hair Care, Beauty Products and True Pampering for Mom At Chatters Hair and Beauty Salon, you can treat Mom to a day spent just on her. Book her in for a hair appointment or browse their selection of hair care and beauty products to find the perfect gift. Right now, they are offering a free gift with purchase! For the month of May, with any product purchase over $60 or more, you can receive a free China Glaze Limited Edition Colour called "Chatterbox" that was designed exclusively for Chatters. 4. TacoTime! A shopping day with Mom wouldn't be complete without a delicious break to recharge the batteries.TacoTime is the perfect place to fuel up as they have fresh and affordable options to whet every appetite. From quesadillas toburritos to veggie-packed salads, TacoTime has healthy options that will have you coming back for more. Enter to Win Dinner at Taco Time! We want to give you a chance to enjoy Taco Time on us!So, in the spirit of Mother's Day, we want to know: what is one memory you have with your mom that you'll never forget? Leave it as a comment below and we'll announce the winner on Friday at 3pm! The winner will receive dinner at Taco Time to a maximum value of $20. * Selection may vary in-mall.

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Treat Mom to a Taco Night!

2015-04-28 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Mother's Day is just around the corner and it's time to start thinking about the ways that you can show your appreciation to thatspecial woman in your life.Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be bringing you some great ideas, and a few fun giveaways, that will help you show Mom just how much you care! Taco Time first said, "Hola, Canada!" in 1978 when Jim Penny opened the first store in Lethbridge, Alberta. Now you'll find 125 franchises across Canada! We've joined forces with themto bring you a great giveaway that will allow you to treat Mom to a taco night -- a delicious way to say, "Thank you." Taco Time is the perfect choice for a yummy treat. They are dedicated to quality ingredients and special extras that are hard to find elsewhere. Each day, they begin by slicing fresh tomatoes and preparing their original recipe salsa. This is the closest thing you'll get to home-cooked tacos! Is your mouth watering yet? Ours is! To enter for your chance to win a $20 Taco Time voucher, we want to know -- what are your favourite ingredients to add to a taco? Leave your commentbelow and we'll choose a winner on Monday, May 4th!

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Get Sole-Fully Inspired at Marlborough Mall

2015-04-21 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Spring has sprung and with its arrival comes blooming flowers, warmer weather and sole-ful inspiration! If you are ready to get your feet into some beautiful new shoes, we've got you covered. Call It Spring and Payless ShoeSource are just two of the places in the mallwhere you'll find gorgeous heels, casual flats and airy sandals to match any of this season's hottest looks. We already have our eye on a few must-haves and we'd love to know: which style of shoe are you dying to add to your wardrobe this spring? Tell us in thecomments below! For those of you looking for footwear for your children, Marlborough Shoe Repair has a special promotion that you won't want to miss! From now through to May 4th (or, until their stock is cleared out), all kid's boots are just $29.99! You can see this, and our other monthly promotions, right here on our site. *Note:styles and colours may vary in-store.

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Recipes to Spice Up Your Spring Menu

2015-04-15 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

While spring is officially here and we're seeing much nicer weather, there are still some days that are a bit chilly so we thought we'd help you spice things up a bit! We checked in with WalMart's Food & Celebrations blog to get some recipes that will spice up your dinner table and treat your tastebuds to a fiesta! With their Mexican Fiesta Recipes* like Rockin' Guac, Tamale Stuffed Peppers, Easy Carnitas, Mole Poblano De Pollo, and Easy Crescent Taco Bake,(click on the links to get the recipes) you'll find something for everyone to enjoy, making mealtime super easy and delicious! Tell us, what's on your fiesta menu tonight? *please note, the recipes are hosted on a US WalMart site so the grocery list option may not work on your computer or may show incorrect pricing information.

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Come Craft a Spring Tree with Us!

2015-04-08 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

To celebrate the arrival of spring, we are hosting a crafts day here at Marlborough Mall on April 18th.And, thanks to inspiring ideas from and, we have some awesome examples to follow. The kids can choose from tissue paper, finger prints, buttons and more to make their own, personal, spring tree with a handprint trunk! Be sure and join us for this Family Fun Entertainment event on Saturday, April 18th in the play area by Sears from 1pm - 3pm.

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Spring Has Sprung!

2015-04-01 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Spring is officially here and we can’t wait to break out the pretty pastels and bold patterns! We recently hit some of the stores here at Marlborough Mall to create some spring inspired looks that will really warm things up. From frisky fringe to classic corals, this spread has everything! Here’s where to find it all:

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Last Call for GownTown - It's This Weekend!

2015-03-25 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Are you ready? We certainly are! We are SO excited about the Gowntown event this Sunday that we just can't contain it! We've been talking about it all over Calgary (as you can see from last week's post) and have been getting everything prepped here at the mall for this amazing day. All of the fun is scheduled for THIS SUNDAY, March 29th from 10am - 12pm beside Chatters Salon North and YOU are invited. Be sure and bring your friends too! We will have a wide variety of dresses on hand for grads that can be purchased for just $10 each (one dress per grad) with so many to choose from, your sure to find the perfect gown! AND, this is your LAST CHANCE to drop off DONATIONS! Now through Saturday, March 28th, you can drop off your gently used formal dress at Customer Service and be entered for a chance to win a $500 Marlborough Mall Shopping Spree!Click here for more info. Hope to see you Sunday! Whether you're shopping at Gowntown or somewhere else, tell us in the comments, what style of dress will you be looking for?

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Heard the "News"?

2015-03-18 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Things are really ramping up for Grad and the big Gowntown Event here at Marlborough Mall. In order to get the word out, we "took the show on the road" so to speak and visited our friends at CTV Morning Live Calgary and on Breakfast Television(click on the links to view the videos). We shared some of the beautiful dresses we will have available on the 29th at Gowntown from 10am to 12pm next to Chatters Salon North and talked about the importance of this event in our community. Don't forget that we are still accepting donations through March 28th at Customer Service in the mall. Your donation will be your entry for the $500 shopping spree. Good Luck!

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You're Invited!

2015-03-11 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

It's an event you definitely don't want to miss. Gowntown is almost here! The Gowntown event is scheduled for Sunday, March 29th from 10am - 12pm beside Chatters Salon North. We will have a wide variety of dresses on hand for grads that can be purchased for just $10 each (one dress per grad) so tell all your friends and stop by to find your perfect gown! AND, don't forget that we are still accepting DONATIONS! Now through March 28th, you can drop off your gently used formal dress at Customer Service and be entered for a chance to win a $500 Marlborough Mall Shopping Spree! Click here for more info.

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Beautiful Makeup for Grad

2015-03-04 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

Ok, time for some serious girl talk...Are you ready for grad? A memorable grad means the perfect look is essential from head to toe. Makeup is a HUGE part of that, of course. Need some help finding your look? Take this quiz created by Seventeen Magazine to find out what best suits you: And, here are a few tips to make sure your grad pics are picture perfect: Use waterproof makeup and matte-finish foundation Pick an eye shadow colour that compliments your dress Finish your look with a bright-coloured lipstick Most importantly… SMILE! :) Wait! One more thing before you head off to practice eyeliner application! Don’t forget to spread the love to those who might need a little help with a dress this year. From now until March 28th, you can donate a gently used formal dress to Customer Service to help a student experience the perfect grad. PLUS YOU get entered to win a $500 Shopping Spree! Click HERE for more details.

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WANTED - Big Hearts and Beautiful Dresses

2015-02-25 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

Calling all recent grads…We’re especially talking to YOU classes of 2014, 2013 and 2012! Remember how you felt when you slipped on that perfect grad dress? You know, the one that you had dreamed of, was your favourite colour and seemed to be made just for you? Where is that dress now? Hanging in a closet? Stuck in a box? What if you could give someone else that feeling? The pure joy of knowing that THIS is the dress for them? Each year, dozens of Calgary grads struggle to come up with the money for the perfect gown. What if your gown, can ease that burden for them? By donating your dress you could win a $500 shopping spree and so much more,including that wonderful feeling of knowing that you helped make one one girl’s dream come true.Donations are being accepted at Customer Service now through March 28th. Go dig it out of the closet now and drop it off. Don’t wait until it’s a 10 year old dress still hanging there and wonder why you never let it bring someone else the joy it gave you! Learn more here -->

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Grad Hairstyles Guaranteed to Steal the Spotlight

2015-02-18 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

Grad season is approaching and with all the chatter about the new pixelated hair dye(you have to click to check it out), we thought it was time to start thinking about hot styles for the big night. Since “chatter” got this whole thing started, we thought it was only right to go straight to the source and see what Chatters has been sharing on their Facebook page lately for Makeover Mondays. Take a look at these gorgeous do’s for some grad inspiration: Which style is your fave? Leave your answer in the comments below. Also, don't forget that you can still donate a gently used formal dress for Gowntown at Customer Service through March 28th. You get to help a student experience the perfect grad AND you get entered to win a $500 Shopping Spree! Learn more by Clicking Here

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Love Is In the Air

2015-02-11 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

Valentine's Day is just two days away and we are feeling the love at Marlborough Mall!From great promotions and offers in our stores to the gift of gowns for grads - it makes us all warm and fuzzy inside. And speaking of warm and inside - we will be OPEN on Family Day, Monday, February 16th from noon til 5pm so stop by and get out of the cold. A little shopping can get the heart pumping, blood flowing and warm you up from head to toe! You can take a peek at all our special offers here: And don't forget about the special events and giveaways we have going on right now. You could win TWO $150 Marlborough Mall Gift Cars (one for you and one for your sweetheart) or a $500 shopping spree for a Gowntown Donation! Get the details here: Tell us, what's your favourite Valentine's Day gift? Are you a flowers person or are you all about the chocolate?

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Two Giveaways to Make Your Valentine's Day Super Sweet

2015-02-03 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

Still no plans for Valentine’s Day? We can help you find that lovin’ feelin’ with TWO amazing giveaways! If you take a picture with the Love Bugs at Customer Service between now and February 14th, 2015 and upload your picture to instagram using the hashtag #MBMWin, you will be entered to WIN TWO $150 Marlborough Mall Gift Cards – one for you AND one for your Valentine! And of course, you still have a shot at a $500 SHOPPING SPREE if you drop off a gently used formal dress for Gowntown. Donations will be accepted at Customer Service between February 1stand March 28thand all donated dresses will be sold to graduating students at the Gowntown Sale on March 29thfor $10 with a valid student ID. Have you picked out that perfect gift for your Valentine yet? We would LOVE to know what you have planned. Share with us in the comments below.

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Bee Our Valentine and Win!

2015-01-28 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

Quick question…are you ready for Valentine’s Day? Not yet? It’s just 2 weeks away! It’s definitely time to start looking for the perfect gift for your special someone and we want to help with the Marlborough Mall “Bee My Valentine Contest”! You could win a $150 Mall Gift Card for you and One for your Valentine! Entering is easy! Stop by Customer Service between February 1st and February 14th and take your picture with the Love Bugs. Upload the picture to Instagram using the hashtag #MBMWin That’s it! Enter as many times as you like - one entry/picture per mall visit. And, don’t forget - Donations for Gowntown are in full swing and we would appreciate it if you could show some love for our community grads by donating a gently used formal dress. Your generosity can help a student have the most fabulous grad experience and, when you donate you will be entered to win a $500 Shopping Spree! We will be accepting donations at Customer Service from February 1st until March 28th. All donated dresses will be sold to graduating students at the Gowntown Sale on March 29th for $10 with a valid student ID and all proceeds will go to to support our community throughaspen. Click here for more info: Now tell us, if you win the “Bee My Valentine” Contest, what would you spend your $150 gift card on?

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How You Can Make a Grad’s Dreams Come True

2015-01-21 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

It’s that time again. Time for students to start planning for Grad. For the next few months the buzz will be all about dresses, hair, makeup, shoes, accessories and more. But for some students, it’s not quite so exciting. For some, it’s a financial struggle and we want to help. Once again Marlborough Mall will be hosting Gowntown to provide dresses to girls for grad and we need your help! Beginning February 1st, 2015, you can donate a gently used formal dress to help a student experience the perfect grad. And, as a thank you for your generosity, when you drop off a gown, you will be entered to win a $500 Shopping Spree! Donations will be accepted at Customer Service between February 1st and March 28th and all donated dresses will be sold to graduating students at the Gowntown Sale on March 29th for $10 with a valid student ID. All proceeds will go to support our community through aspen.

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10% Back and More Savings at Marlborough Mall

2015-01-15 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

Looking for the perfect gift for an upcoming birthday, wedding or other special event? Or, maybe you just want to spoil yourself? NOW is the time! From today through January 30th when you purchase $100 or more in Marlborough Mall Gift Cards, you’ll get 10% back in MBM Gift Cards FREE! Stop by Customer Service for more details. Plus, have you seen all the New Year special offers from the shops at Marlborough Mall? If not, it’s definitely time to take a look: You’ll find free gifts with purchase, personalized gifts for any occasion, restaurant offers, and amazing savings on jewelry. PLUS, there are even more great deals to be found inside the mall! Don’t miss out on all these New Year promotions, they’ll be gone before you know it. Stop by today!

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5 Ways to Cure the Holiday Hangover

2015-01-07 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

It seems that the holidays are filled with two things - too much and not enough. There is always TOO MUCH food filled with empty carbs, sugars, fats, etc. (but oh so yummy!), too much rushing around, too much stress and, for some, too much to drink (after attending 10 or more cocktail parties what do you expect?!). Of course, that means that there is just NOT ENOUGH rest, exercise, nutritious food, water, and overall healthy lifestyles. Too much and not enough can really wreak havoc on your body so here are 5 Ways to Cure the Holiday Hangover and jumpstart your year as a healthier, happier you: 1. Hydrate - It may sound simple or even silly but water does work miracles. From easing headaches and reducing puffy eyes to improving skin and just making you feel better overall, water is your best friend. While the amount you should drink is really based on your weight, sticking to the tried-and-true method of eight 8oz glasses a day will get you off to a great start. 2. Get some R&R - I know, easier said than done but if you can carve out just 15 - 30 minutes each morning to meditate, do yoga, or just sit and "be", you will be amazed at the impact it has on your overall health both mental and physical. 3. Eat well - Everyone's in a rush and you have to eat what you can grab, I get it. But, taking the time to slow down and think about what you eat will actually save you time. By eating healthier you will have more energy, be better focused and are more productive. 4. Breathe - I mentioned meditation earlier but taking time to really focus on your breathing throughout the day will help you to clear your mind and better concentration on the task at hand. As you move from one task to another, try some deep breathing between and you will find the shift to be a bit easier. 5. Shop! - Ok, so this one may not be for everyone but it definitely works for me. Lots of walking around Marlborough Mall, sales getting my heart racing, the adrenaline rush of showing off my new styles...ahhh, it's almost as good as a workout! ;-) Click HEREyo check and see if your favourite store has any hot deals. Tell me, what are you doing this year to get your blood pumping and cure those Holiday Hangovers? Share in the comments!

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Happy New Year

2014-12-30 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

2015 is almost here and we can’t wait! What are your plans? We love to spend time with family and friends ringing in the New Year and we are always looking for great ideas on how to spend that time together. If you’re on the lookout for fun family activities, we have some ideas for you: Movie Night – Whether at home or the theater, this is a great way to get everyone together. The hard part? What to watch! Board Games – No matter what your age, you have to admit, you love board games. Tons of fun for all ages, pull out the Monopoly, Clue, Scrabble or any of the hundreds of great games available and enjoy! Crafts – Love Pinterest? Us too! Just click here to be inspired with literally thousands of great ideas. BUT – beware…it’s addictive! ;-) Baking/Cooking – Have a family recipe that’s been handed down for years? Is there budding young chef in the house? Need something to pass some time AND help you prepare? Gather everyone in the kitchen and give them each a job to help create yummy treats to share at a party or with neighbors for the new year! Make New Year’s Resolutions Together – Everyone gets a chance to say their resolution and why! Make Memory Jars - Not a Resolution Fan? Get creative and have everyone make their own memory jar. You write down things throughout the year you want to remember and put them inside. Then, next year, you can read through and maybe even share them with one another! Here are some ways to get started à Marlborough Mall will be closed on New Year’s Day but we’d love to have you drop by after the holiday to celebrate the New Year with us! How are you welcoming 2015? Share in the comments below.

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Christmas Contest Winner!

2014-12-18 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

We want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who came to the Silly Booth and entered the Christmas contest. We had an amazing time! Congratulations to our winner, Enaya S. Merhi, who won a $1000 Marlborough Mall Gift Card! Can you believe that Christmas is less than a week away?! If you still have last minute shopping to do don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Marlborough Mall will be open special hours for you from tomorrow through Christmas Eve. Here are the times (you can see more info about our hours by clicking here): December 20th from 10am to 9pm December 21st from 11am to 6pm And December 24th from 10am to 5pm Finally, don’t get so busy shopping that you forget to have your picture taken with Santa! He will be here until 3pm on Christmas Eve to hear your Christmas wishlist and for pictures to kick off your holiday before the food, lights, gifts and other traditions begin. We want to know - what’s your Christmas Eve tradition? Share your answer in the comments below and have a very Happy Holiday!

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WIN a $1,000 Gift Card Just for Sending Holiday Wishes!

2014-12-03 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

Want to make your loved ones’ holiday extra special this year? We can help you send Holiday Wishes to family and friends both near and far, PLUS you can enter to win a $1,000 Marlborough Mall Gift Card! Now THAT sounds like Holiday spirit to us! ;-) Just stop by Marlborough Mall on December 6th, 7th, 13th or 14th and send your Holiday Greeting from the Silly Booth! Then, share your photo postcard on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #MBMWIN and you’re entered to win the $1,000 gift card! Connect with us using the links below: For more info on the contest, please contact Guest Services at (403) 273-4000, or Click Here. Tell us, what holidays are you celebrating this time of year? Share your answer in the comments below.

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Black Friday Sales and Surprises

2014-11-26 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

What’s better than Black Friday Sales? A whole weekend full of Black Friday Sales! It’s the perfect time for you to start Christmas shopping, and more importantly, treat yourself! Marlborough Mall will have tons of amazing deals at the mall for you and those on your list. In case you missed it, we are giving out FREE gift bags full of goodies to the first 100 shoppers to come by Customer Service on the following dates and times: Friday, November 28th at 9am Friday, November 28th at 6pm Saturday, November 29th at 9am And, since it’s the season of giving, we have something coming up for you! Keep an eye on your inbox and our social media channels for our upcoming Christmas contest for your chance to WIN a $1000 shopping spree! What’s on your Christmas wish list this year? Comment below and share with us!

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Sales and Santa at Marlborough Mall

2014-11-19 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

Are you ready to kick off the holiday shopping season with some of the HOTTEST deals on the most requested gifts on everyone’s shopping list? Head to Marlborough Mall on Black Friday (and throughout the weekend) for hundreds of huge deals and tons of fun! PLUS, during this year’s Black Friday Weekend Event, the first 100 shoppers to stop by Customer Service on the following dates and times will also receive a FREE gift! Friday, November 28th at 9am Friday, November 28 at 6pm Saturday, November 29 at 9am Have your Little Bugs been nice this year? If so, bring them by Marlborough Mall this weekend to see Santa and share what’s at the top of their Christmas wish list! The big guy makes his grand entrance this weekend on November 22nd. Hope to see you there!

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Christmas is for Kids

2014-11-12 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

Have you started your countdown yet? We certainly can't wait for Christmas! Now, of course we know everyone CAN celebrate Christmas, but let's be honest, this holiday is really for THE KIDS. It is full of presents, candy, and more importantly, SANTA! Marlborough Mall is welcoming Santa's arrival on November 22nd so be sure and plan to come in and get your pictures made soon with the guy in the red suit. And, don’t forget to tell him what’s on your wish list – if you’ve been nice that is! Be sure and keep a close eye on our weekly newsletters and blogs over the next few weeks as we will be announcing lots of exciting holiday things to do here at Marlborough Mall. Even some ways for you to win some special holiday cheer! If you’re looking for something fun with the kids this weekend stop in and enjoy a bit of magic to kick off the holiday season. We are offering a FREE Puppet & Magic Show at the play area by Sears from 1pm- 3pm. Hope to see you there!

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Remembrance Day in Calgary

2014-11-05 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

With the recent tragic death of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at Parliament Hill, this year’s Remembrance Day will be even more somber and poignant. Marlborough Mall will not be opening until 12pm on Tuesday, November 11th so that our employees and tenants have the opportunity to observe this very important day with their loved ones. Many services will be held throughout Calgary and across the nation to commemorate those who gave their lives in service of our country. Here is a list of local events courtesy of (click here to view details): 1. Field of Crosses Memorial Project There is a park reserved along Calgary’s Memorial Drive for 3,000 white crosses which are displayed each year on November 1st and removed November 12th. Each cross is inscribed with the name, rank, regiment, date of death and age at death of a Southern Alberta soldier killed in action. Date & Time: November 1 – 11, 2014 At sunrise each morning from November 1 to November 11 there is a flag raising ceremony at the Field of Crosses including a bugler and a piper. At sunset the flags are lowered. Venue: Memorial Dr. between 3rd St. NW & Centre St, Calgary Public parking is available at the west end of the park. 2. Aerospace Museum Ceremony Join us to keep the memory alive. This year, the centenary of the beginning of the First World War, is a particularly poignant year to ensure we remember the sacrifices made by Canadian and Allied personnel. Please dress for the weather, as we intend to host the ceremony outdoors. Honourary Colonel John Melbourne will be one of the speakers joining us that morning. Date & Time: Tuesday, November 11, 2014 | 10:15 AM Venue: Aero Space Museum of Calgary 3. Remembrance Day Ceremony at Genesis Place Date & Time: Tuesday, November 11, 2014 | 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Venue: Shane Field House, Genesis Place, Airdrie 4. Battalion Park Ceremony Date & Time: Tuesday, November 11, 2014 | 10:00 AM Venue: Battalion Park, 3001 Signal Hill Dr. S.W., west of Sarcee Tr. 5. The Military Museums Service Remembrance Day Service - Containers will be provided for non-perishable food donations to the Veterans’ Food Bank. Coffee and hot chocolate will also be available. Date & Time: Tuesday, November 11, 2014 | 10:45 AM
 The Museum will be open regular hours, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Cost: Admission is Free Venue: The Military Museums, Calgary 6. Central Memorial Park Ceremony – TBA
Date & Time: Tuesday, November 11, 2014 | TBA Venue: 1221 2 St. S.W, Calgary 7. Jubilee Auditorium – Remembrance Day Service Wreaths will be laid by Political, Veterans’, Military, Civic and community organizations. Anyone wishing to lay a private wreath is more than welcome. March Past Outside – Weather permitting. Date & Time: Tuesday, November 11, 2014 | 09:30 AM – 11:45 AM Venue: Southern Jubilee Auditorium, 1415, 14 Avenue Northwest, Calgary 8. Remembrance Day tour in Union Cemetery The Canadian Military and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are steeped in tradition, and have been since Confederation. But there has also been considerable change. Join in a Remembrance Day tour of Union Cemetery that reflects on these military units and the heroes buried there. Date & Time: Tuesday, November 11, 2014 | 02:00 PM – 3:30 PM Venue: Union Cemetery, Located at 28 Ave. and Spiller Rd. S.E., Calgary 9. Jake’s Gift A Canadian World War II veteran reluctantly returns to Normandy, France for the 60th Anniversary of the D-Day invasion. There, Jake encounters a 10 year old whose inquisitiveness and charm challenge him to confront some long- ignored ghosts. This charming play has been a hit across Canada and beyond. Don’t miss it! Date & Time: Monday, October 27, 2014 – Saturday, November 22, 2014
November 11, 2014 | 12:10 PM Venue: Lunch Box Theatre, 160 115 9 Avenue SE, Calgary Tickets: Free admission for all veterans and current military
Donations for the Veterans’ Food Bank at every performance & donations for the Poppy Fund are accepted. 10. Remembrance Day Cemetery Tour Banff Explore the history of war-time Banff. The stories of hardship and heroism, citizens and soldiers are brought to life through this compelling guided tour of the Old Banff Cemetery. Date & Time: Tuesday, November 11,2014 | 1:00 PM
 Venue: Meet at the main gate of the Old Banff Cemetery, Buffalo St., Banff Cost: Free 11. Free Public Swim & Skate At select pools & arenas – See details. 12. Behind the Scenes Tour: First World War Commemorate Remembrance Day on this special tour of First World War artifacts in Glenbow’s collection. Date & Time: Tuesday, November 11,2014 | 6:00 PM Venue: Glenbow Museum, Calgary
Cost: 15.00 Remembrance Day Ceremonies will be held across the Royal Canadian Legion Branches – See here for more information.
286 Legion Remembrance Day Ceremony on November 11, 2014 | 10:00 AM at #5, 1107 – 33 Street NE, Calgary

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Halloween Costumes for Everyone!

2014-10-28 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Dressing up is probably the BEST part about Halloween (other than candy, of course) ;-) So, what are you dressing up as this year? If you still need to pick up a costume or could use some help coming up with an idea, we’ve got you covered! We are super lucky to have Walmart right here at Marlborough Mall where you can find EVERYTHING you need for all age groups including babies, kids, teens, adults, and even the fur-kids. Stop in and check out the selection today and, don’t forget to pick up some candy and Halloween decorations for your home while you’re here. Of course, the most important part of the holiday is safety. In case you missed it, here are our tips on staying safe this Halloween night ---> Click to Read So, tell us, what are you going to be for Halloween? Share in the comments below. (*Note - Styles and quantities may vary in-store)

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How to Stay Safe on Halloween Night

2014-10-15 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Can you believe that Halloween is only 2 weeks away!? It’s the time of year for the kids (and grownups) to let their imaginations run wild and dress up as whatever you want. And the best part? A seemingly endless supply of sweets! Seriously, who doesn’t love Halloween? Of course, parents always have some worries this time of year so, while the little ones enjoy a fun night filled with costumes and candies, here are a few safety tips to keep all the grownups worry-free and relaxed knowing it will be a safe Halloween: Dress warmly Always stay in groups or with a trusted adult Never enter a stranger’s house or car Avoid lit candles and wear flame-resistant costumes Look both ways before crossing the street Add reflective materials to costumes and carry a flashlight to increase visibility Swords, knives, and other accessories should be made of soft material to avoid injuries Walk only on sidewalks or at the edge of the street And, for even more fun, Marlborough Mall is hosting a Halloween Party on October 31st from 2pm to 9pm. Participating stores will be handing out candy to all of the Ghosts and Goblins! (while supplies last) Plus, you can also enjoy FREE face painting from 3pm to 5pm. Now for the important question - What’s your favourite Halloween Treat? We’re “dying” to know. Share in the comments below!

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What Are You Thankful For?

2014-10-07 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Last week we covered the second most important part of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, the meal. ;-) Now, it’s time to focus on what’s really important this time of year - Giving thanks for family, friends and the many blessings in our lives. We want to start by thanking YOU! We are so grateful for our awesome community and wouldn’t be able to do what we do without your support. So, what or who are you grateful for? Comment below and share with us. And, if you’re looking for the perfect way to say thank you to that special someone, Coles at Marlborough Mall is a great place to start. They are even offering a FREE gift to say thank you when you spend $50.00 or more in store from now until Dec. 26! Happy Thanksgiving!

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A Checklist for the Perfect Thanksgiving

2014-10-01 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and, while we're thankful for all the usuals: family, friends, health, etc. - we secretly can't wait for the FOOD! Is Thanksgiving a big deal at your house? If so, we have put together a checklist to make it easier for you to prep for the BIG meal. And to get it all? You only need to make one stop for grocery shopping this year – Walmart at Marlborough Mall has everything you need! ☐ Tablecloth ☐ Napkins ☐ Dinner and dessert plates ☐ Forks, knives and spoons ☐ Bowls and serving trays ☐ Carving knife ☐ Gravy boat ☐ Glasses ☐ Coffee cups ☐ Turkey ☐ Stuffing ☐ Cranberry sauce ☐ Green beans ☐ Mashed potatoes ☐ Gravy ☐ Salad ☐ Bread ☐ Pumpkin pie ☐ Beverages ☐ Ice cream Think of something we've missed? Share in the comments and also tell us, what's your favourite Thanksgiving menu item?

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Fall Footwear at Marlborough Mall

2014-09-25 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Are you ready for fall? We aren’t either…we’d much rather enjoy some more warm weather but, Mother Nature never wants to wait for us and it’s time to prepare. The best thing about fall? NEW FOOTWEAR! Since it’s time to keep those toes nice and warm, we thought we’d go on a search for some fab footwear to help make the transition into colder weather a bit more bearable. We found lots of great options from every style of boot imaginable to every day comfort with style. We absolutely adore the wedges, loafers, and pumps at Payless. Practical and a bit sassy all in one. They also have a great selection of extended calf and riding boots to keep your feet warm and you looking hot! If you’re an ankle boot fan, Call It Spring has something for everyone - laces, buckles, zippers, you name it! Whatever your style or colour preference, you’ll find something you love. Tell us in the comments below, what’s your go-to footwear for fall? Are you looking forward to slipping on some super cute boots? (Don't be shy - just login using Facebook or Twitter to leave a comment) *Note - styles and colours may vary in-store

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Go-To Layers for Fall

2014-09-17 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

What’s up with this weather? From frostbite to sunburn…it’s crazy! And we don’t even know where to begin in our closets. Is it really time to pull out the fall and winter clothes? Luckily, we have Le Chateau to help us with the perfect go-to layer in their 24/7 cardigan. It’s comfy, cozy, just what the weatherman ordered come rain, snow, or shine. What’s your favourite go-to layer? Share with us in the comments below!

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Congratulations to Our Grand Prize Winner!

2014-09-10 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Wow! Things are cold outside but they really got heated up for the Style Yourself for Back To School Contest! The response was AMAZING! Thank you all for participating and telling us which trend was your favourite. case you didn't hear...congratulations are in order for Shammi Ahmed, our GRAND PRIZE WINNER who takes home a $500 Marlborough Mall Shopping Spree. We just want to say that we love being able to give back to the community through contests and promotions like this and, without your support and participation, we couldn't do it. Thank you so much and keep watching for your next chance to win!

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Back To School Featured Trend #4

2014-09-03 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Nothing says "hear me roar" better than wild prints! Our fourth Back to School trend certainly fits that bill with some truly inspired pieces from right here in the mall: Mixing patterns is a great fall style trend. Take time to find pieces that are linked by a common colour. The cobalt blue shirt from Le Chateau pairs well with the blue in the patterned pant we found at Urban Planet. Animal print, like the leopard print used on the Urban Planet backpack in this look, is a great way to add flare to any outfit. Harem-style pants (also from Urban Planet) are easy to dress up and are an extremely comfortable office-appropriate look. Show off your wild side and don't forget tocheck out all these trends on our Facebook Page for a chance to win a $500 Shopping Spree! Just click here to enter --->

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Back To School Featured Trend #3

2014-08-27 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Ok, we have to admit - we LOVE this sporty outfit for Back to School! This look mixes everything that's awesome about fall trends this year and does it so well! This sports-inspired outfit is dressed up with: Fall's super hot tartan trend Bomber jackets are very on trend right now, and layered with a hoodie, it adds all the warmth needed during Calgary winters. Converse-inspired sneakers- what a practical way of getting around! They can be worn with just about any outfit and are comfortable shoes that make running around campus easy. ​We created this look with a flannel sleeveless shirt, plaid pants, red purse and red shoes from Ardene then topped it all off with the gorgeous blue bomber jacket from Designer Depot right here at Marlborough Mall!

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Back to School Featured Trends 1 and 2

2014-08-18 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Whether you're looking to make a bold statement with red or show off your rocker side, Marlborough Mall has everything you need for back to school. Including a chance to win a $500 Shopping Spree! For our first look we chose a layered look with a tank top from Ardene and paried it with a plaid shirt, jean jacket, and burgandy pants from Urban Planet then accessorized with a LeChateau clutch, Ardene belt and shoes from Urban Planet. Here's why we love this look: Burgundy (or ox-blood) is the biggest colour trend this season. It goes with just about every other colour like grey, camel, black and forest green and has a lot of attitude. It’s a great fall colour that adds personality compared to the standard black. Adding layers and knits to any look is a great way to transition a look to fall. For Look #2 we paired a plaid skirt from Le Chateau, graphic tee from Ardene, sweater from Urban planet and boots from Ardene. We topped it off with LeChateau sunglasses, an Urban Planet scart and super cute knee socks from Ardene. Why should you rock this look for Back to School?: Channeling your inner punk is totally in this season and adding a bit of edge to your wardrobe can add some spring to your step. Shorter skirts with longer sweaters is a very hot look for this fall. Paired with thigh-high stockings and a printed-tee, this is a great look for the back to school season. So, which of these Back to School trends is your fave? Or, is your style more like upcoming trends 3 and 4? Check them all out on our Facebook Page for a chance to win a $500 Shopping Spree! Click here to enter --->

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Win a Back To School Shopping Spree!

2014-08-13 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

It's almost time for back-to-school and we all know what that means... Back To School Shopping! From clothes and shoes to school supplies and backpacks, it ban be an expensive undertaking. We want to help! Beginning Monday, August 18th, you can enter to win a $500 Shopping Spree here at Marlborough Mall to Style Yourself for back to school! Just keep an eye on our Facebook Page (Click Here to Like us so you don't miss out!) and watch for the announcement on Monday!

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What's On Your Summer Reading List?

2014-08-03 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

This may well be one of the best summers ever for great books! There are just so many options and we can't get enough. Luckily we have our very own Book Heaven - Cole's, right here in Marlborough Mall! We loved "Gone Girl" and can't wait for the movie, were completely transfixed by "If I Stay", were stunned and in awe of "We Were Liars" and were super excited by"Four" a series of Divergent stories told by none other than Tobias himself! Have you read any of these this summer? Share what's on your must read list before the busy days of fall get here!

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Summer Fun!

2014-07-30 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

With the long weekend approaching, we want to know how you are spending your time this summer! Are you enjoying lots of time with friends hanging out at the beach, grilling and just relaxing? Are you finally plowing through your reading list and enjoying the summer's hottest releases? Or, are you already thinking about back to school and planning to shop with us on Monday, August 4th? We will be open from 12 - 5pm!

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Hot Summer - Cool Treats!

2014-07-23 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

The summer is really heating up but we know just how to keep you cool! Visit the Marlborough Mall Food Court for some tasty treats to help cool you down like an Orange Julius, Dairy Queen Blizzard or a delicious Cinnzeo iced coffee! And of course, we'll keep it nice and cool inside for your retail therapy session. See you soon! ;-)

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Hot Summer Trends

2014-07-16 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Are you ready for summer? Or, maybe more importantly, is your closet ready? We've spotted some of the season's hottest trends throughout the mall and can't wait to see them on YOU! Come by and check out the selection on everything from maxi dresses and skirts to lightweight tops that keep you feeling cool while looking hot! What's your favourite summer trend for 2014? (Note - styles and colours in-store may vary from those pictured)

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Pancakes and Crowds and Food Network TV Cameras!

2014-07-09 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Wow! Another great Marlborough Mall Stampede Breakfast is in the books and this one was truly spectacular. From delicious food and great entertainment, to crowds of amazing people and even the Food Network - it was certainly a day to remember! We had a visit from Noah Cappe and the crew from Carnival Eatsduring breakfast and were thrilled to show them the ropes. We'll be keeping an eye on Food Network Canada to see if we make the cut on the show! What was your favourite part of this year's Stampede so far and what are you hoping to do over the next 2 days before yet another year wraps up?

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Stampede Breakfast is SATURDAY at Marlborough Mall!

2014-07-02 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Hungry for food AND fun? "Mosey" on over tomorrow morning for some of the best pancakes in Calgary then kick back and enjoy some live music. Don't forget to bring the kids too! We've got pony rides and plenty of things to keep them busy. Hope to see you there!

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Stampede Breakfast - You're Invited!

2014-06-26 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Consider this your official invitiation to the annual Stampede Breakfast at Marlborough Mall! Don't miss out on the food and fun this Saturday, July 5th from 9am - 11am in the parking lot at entrance #2. We'll have live music, pony rides, and of course, Delicious Pancakes! We'll see you there!

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Saddle Up!

2014-06-19 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Can you believe it's that time again? We're only 14 days away from Calgary Stampede! We are looking forward to all the family fun, food and excitement that this event brings each year. I'm sure you recall last year's Stampede (check out our pics from 2013) where the mantra was "Hell or High Water" thanks to the floods. We love that our community, even when faced with challenges, comes together to support one another and celebrate our hometown. Marlborough Mall will once again kick things off with a breakfast and we have lots more planned for you so be sure to keep a watch on your inbox and our Facebook page for all the details. It's time to saddle up and find out..."What Kind of Champion Are You?"

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Still Time to Win for Dad

2014-06-12 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

There's still one last chance to enter our daily giveaway for Dad this week and be entered to win the grand prize! Today's giveaway is an Under Armour camo cap and a $25 Marlborough Mall gift card plus you'll be entered for the grand prize of this super cool Adidas jacket from Foot Locker and a $25 Marlborough Mall gift card. It's a sure fire way to win Dad's heart for Father's Day. Be sure and check out our Facebook Page to enter!

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Father's Day Giveaway

2014-06-04 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Get ready, get set, WIN! Beginning Monday morning we will be giving away an awesome prize for Dad each day next week. Just watch our Facebook Page for details on how to enter and you could win one of these cool hats plus a $25 Marlborough Mall gift card! Then, on Saturday, June 14th, we'll announce our Grand Prize winner of the Adidas jacket and $25 gift card! Share with us in the comments below - what makes your Dad special?

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5 Great Gift Ideas for Dad

2014-05-28 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

It’s the time of year when all our attention focuses on dear old Dad. He’s been there through it all, teaching you to ride a bike, kissing boo-boo’s, cheering you on during sports or recitals… It’s time to give back, and we don’t mean a tie (trust us, Dad has enough of those)! Here are 5 gift ideas to make you Dad’s favourite this year: Team Gear – Help Dad show his team spirit with NHL, CFL, NFL, MLB, NBA and Soccer gear from Premier Sports. New Swag – Ok, so he’d NEVER call it swag, but it’s time to replace those beat up Dad jeans and worn out t-shirts. Check out the specials at Stockhomme for Father’s Day. Tech & Gadgets – Who doesn’t love a new phone, camera or other cool gadget? With 15 electronics, cellular, music and photography stores to choose from, there’s definitely something for Dad at Marlborough Mall. The Right Tools for the Job – Dads are always fixing things and having the latest and greatest in tools gives him what he needs to get the job done and bragging rights to having the best kid ever! With their Craftsman line, Sears has you covered in this department. Gift Cards – He never has any money because he spends it all on you, so this year give Dad the gift that keeps on giving, a Marlborough Mall gift card! And now’s the perfect time because starting June 1st, when you buy a $100 gift card you get a $10 Tim Horton’s gift card FREE! Now you’re armed with awesome ideas for Dad that won’t break the bank and will earn you major points! Be sure and watch your inbox next week for our Father’s Day giveaway announcement!

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Head-to-Toe Teal

2014-05-21 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Monochromatic pastels are very on trend this spring so we decided to create our own head-to-toe teal look. We chose to stick with one color and kept it fresh by using different shades to break up the look a bit. Who says subtle can't be cool? Using different tones like this can help to add a flair of the dramatic and accentuate your figure. What's your favourite pastel for spring?

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Win a Spring Beauty Kit!

2014-05-14 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Hey Ladies! Want to win this colourful beauty kit? It's easy! Just tell us in the comments below or over on our Facebook Page... What is the ONE makeup item you can't leave the house without putting on? A winner will be chosen at random and we will announce on Monday morning. Good luck!

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High Contrast

2014-05-07 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

It's probably no surprise that high contrast prints are once again super popular. Especially when it comes to black and white. This classic combination can pack a surprising punch when you pair or mix with different patterns. Or, you can go the more traditional route with solid bottoms and a patterned top. Whichever you choose, it's sure to be a flattering look and you'll definitely be styling yourself with a hot trend for spring.

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The Bold and the Blue-tiful

2014-04-30 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

With spring finally here, it's time to add some serious colour to your wardrobe and one of the hottest trends this year is pairing cool tones and bold prints or geometric shapes. Pairing prints and shapes up top with solid colours on the bottom can create a super flattering look. And, adding neon shoes and accessories for a pop of colour will have you ready for either work or play. We are simply in love with blue this spring. What's your must-have colour right now?

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Spring Has Sprung!

2014-04-23 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

It seems that spring is FINALLY officially here! While the temps may still be a bit brisk, at least there’s no more snow in the near future and, I don’t know about you, but we are super excited to break out some new spring fashions, especially after our spring photoshoot! Here’s a peek at some of the great new trends from the shoot. Be sure and watch over the next few weeks as we share some awesome looks created by our stylist. What are you most looking forward to wearing for spring?

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Easter Fun Onsite and Online This Weekend!

2014-04-16 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

This weekend Marlborough Mall is THE place to be for family fun! We’ll have lots of activities for both the young and the young at heart including an Easter Egg Hunt (both online and onsite), Pictures with the Easter Bunny, Crafts, and even a Petting Zoo! Check out all the details below and be sure that your Easter plans include family and fun at Marlborough Mall! Easter Petting Zoo - Apr 17 - Apr 19 Join us in visiting with the animals from Butterfield Acres! Thurday April 17 10am - 7pm Friday April 18 12noon - 5pm Saturday April 19 10am - 7pm Easter Egg Hunt - Apr 19th On Saturday, April 19, children from ages 1-12 can participate in an Easter Egg hunt in the mall and receive a special treat for finding all the eggs. Online Easter Egg Hunt Apr 17 - Apr 24 From April 17– 21, customers will be able to participate in an online Easter Egg Hunt. Eggs will be hidden throughout the Marlborough Mall Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages. Customers must be 18 years and older to participate. Easter Bunny Photos - Apr 19th Stop by on Saturday April 19 From 12noon - 5pm and visit with the Easter Bunny Get your first picture FREE located beside Michael Hill Jewelers.

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Gowns, Prizes and More at Gowntown this Weekend!

2014-04-08 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

It's THIS WEEKEND! Don't miss the Gowntown event this Sunday, April 13th from 10am - 12noon beside Chatters Salon North. All Dresses are $10 each with proceeds going to assist Aspen Family Services. If you are or know of a grad who is looking for a dress, be sure and stop by to check out the selection we have on-hand. AND, we are still accepting dress donations through Saturday, April 12th, so be sure and stop by with your gently used grad dress and donate it. You will be entered to win a $500 shopping spree! PLUS - There's still time to nominate someone. Do you know a young woman who deserves to get the royal treatment for their grad? We are giving away 1 VIP Access Ticket to GownTown on April 13th PLUS a full day of pampering. Click Here and scroll down to Get Glammed to Learn More

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Gowntown is Almost Here

2014-04-01 18:00:00 -0600 + Marlborough Mall

Amazing dresses are starting to come in for GownTown 2014! Thank you so much for contributing everyone! We can't get over how beautiful they are. We are close to one week away from our dress deadline and we need your help. You can donate a gently used formal dress and help a student experience the perfect grad. Visit Customer Service anytime before April 12th to drop off your gently used formal dress. Just for donating, you will be entered to win a $500 Marlborough Mall gift card! BONUS: Do you know a young woman who deserves to get the royal treatment for their grad? We are giving away 1 VIP Access Ticket to GownTown on April 13th PLUS a full day of pampering. Click Here to Learn More Check out some of the fabulous dresses we have so far! :-)

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More Than a Hot Gift For Your Lips

2014-02-05 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

Marlborough Mall is partnering with Virgin Mobile to bring you a super sweet contest for Valentines Day! The Virgin Mobile store will be giving one lucky winner a brand new Nexus 5 AND the first 200 people to enter will also get a free Rimmel London Apocalips Wow Lip Lacquer. The Nexus 5 is a must have Android Smartphone with an awesome camera and display and now you can win! The contest runs fromFebruary 6th through February 14th. Stop by Virgin Mobile ONLY at Marlborough Mall to enter to win and get your hot lips ready for your free gift! Rimmel products available while quantities last CONTEST UPDATE! We’re now giving away four $25 Marlborough Mall gift cards just in time for Valentine’s Day! Just share aselfie with your free Rimmel gift on Twitter, Instagram, orFacebook and tag the photo with #MBMWin to enter!

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Red Envelope Please!

2014-01-29 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

Are you ready? Tomorrow is the eve of Chinese New Year and Calgary will be filled with festivities to ring in the Year of the Horse. Marlborough Mall is just as excited as our shoppers and we want to help you celebrate! The first 100 shoppers to spend $50 or more in the mall on January 31st will get a red envelope with a gift card inside! It’s just our way of saying: Gong Hei Fat Choi! The rules are simple – just come by the mall and shop at your favorite stores, then take your receipts for that day totaling $50 or more (before taxes) to Guest Services and you’ll receive a red envelop containing a gift card for $5, $10, $20 or even $50! You must be 18 to participate and only one gift card may be claimed per household. Happy Chinese New Year!

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Big Savings At Our Winter SideWalk Sale

2014-01-22 17:00:00 -0700 + Marlborough Mall

Got the winter blues? We’ve got something that is sure to add some colour – Our Winter SideWalk Sale! FromJanuary 27th to February 2nd, merchants atMarlboroughMall will be featuring special sale items outside (and some even inside) their store! If you haven’t used all of your Christmas gift cards, this is the perfect time to do a little shopping for yourself. Tell us, how do you make winter more enjoyable? Do you ski, toboggan, skate, or maybe play hockey? Share with us below!

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