MARLBOROUGH MALL - Administrative Assistant

Closing Date: MAR 31


Reporting to:             Regional Director


Position Summary


Working in a fast paced team environment, the candidate will provide secretarial services and perform administrative duties for the Regional Director of a portfolio of shopping centres and commercial properties located in Alberta and B.C. and for the management team of the Marlborough Mall Shopping Centre and its adjacent six storey office building. Administrative duties include general office, operations and tenant coordination administration, client and tenant relations, preparation and distribution of tenant correspondence, data entry for various corporate programs, legal documentation review, preparation and

follow up and creation of leasing marketing tools and data bases.


Tasks and Responsibilities


  • Organize and maintain administrative and operations office files, including all tenant files
  • Become familiar with, interpret and administer tenant leases and legal documents as required, including:
  • Default notices
  • Termination Notices
  • Move in and move out procedures
  • Research lease information for Management staff (i.e. use clauses, exclusivities, assignment requirements, etc.)
  • Document tracking and follow up
  • Perform secretarial duties, including typing, word processing, spreadsheet creation and distribution of general correspondence as required by Regional Director
  • Assist Regional Director and Operations Manager in the administration and tracking of tenant allowances and landlord work
  • Timely collection, review and organization of tenant and contractor insurance certificates to ensure they meet lease and operations obligations. Sending letters to tenants, as required, requesting updated insurance certificates
  • Collection, organization and on-going updating of head office and tenant contact information
  • Maintain and use Angus Work Order software system
  • Prepare, distribute and file Operations contracts
  • Prepare, issue and collect competitive bids for Operations contracts
  • Request WCB and Insurance certificates for all sub contractors, maintain files
  • Prepare, update and file environmental reports for Operations Manager
  • Data entry and maintenance of all corporate Operations computer software programs including; Sharepoint, Propidex, RiskCheck, GreenCheck, BuildingWeb, etc…
  • Collection, tracking and review of all utility bills along with uploading of bills into Sharepoint, GreenCheck programs and completion of monthly tracking reports
  • Preparation, distribution, collection and filing of Specialty Leasing license agreements along with
  • collection of rents , insurance certificates and weekly/monthly sales data from all temporary tenants
  • Review and update retail and office floor plans; working with the Tenant Coordinator on a monthly basis to ensure accuracy
  • Creation, maintenance and updating of broker data base for all cities included in Regional Director’s region
  • Creation and distribution of leasing brochures to local broker contacts for all vacancies within the Regional Director’s region
  • Creation, ordering and distribution of all “For Lease” signage as required throughout the region
  • Assist with scheduling meetings and time management for the Regional Director
  • Draft and distribute general correspondence to tenants
  • Coordinate with other departments and outside clients to provide or request information as required
  • Assist with property budget process, including data entry
  • Assist with the quarterly re-forecasting of the budget ƒ
  •  Assist in preparation and distribution of rental notices, year-end reconciliations and estoppel certificates
  • Assist with the creation, drafting and distribution of various reports and PowerPoint based presentations
  • Take and prepare minutes for office meetings and distribute as required
  • Assist with administration of other properties as required
  • Reception relief as required
  • Assist with organization of office and corporate events and visits
  • Other related duties as required


Skills & Experience Required


The Successful Candidate will possess:


  • Grade 12 diploma with preference for candidates with post-secondary Office Administration diploma
  • Proficiency with Windows XP and all Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Adobe) and social media platforms
  • Minimum 3-5 years related work experience, preferably in commercial property management
  • Basic bookkeeping and record keeping skills
  • Strong communication and proof-reading skills. Experience with legal documentation is a definite asset
  • Advanced time management and organization skills. Able to prioritize time-sensitive and multiple projects
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Be self-motivated, diplomatic, innovative and able to accept new challenges
  • Customer service oriented
  • Must provide clear criminal clearance certificate and be bondable

Contact Email:

Welcome to Marlborough Mall!

Thursday 10:00am - 9:00pm

Call (403) 273-4000 (403) 273-4000

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